Lakshmi Singh

Lakshmi Singh

Lakshmi is a freelance writer and mother of two who lives in Sydney, Australia.

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Second time around: reusing baby items

Lakshmi Singh A UK study shows that one-fifth of mothers have accepted hand-me-downs for their children. We look at what items are safe to pass on, and what should be thrown away.

Broken hearts: heart disease in babies and children


Lakshmi Singh Treena Appleby was 19 weeks pregnant when she learnt that her unborn son had a dangerous heart condition. She wasn't alone - six babies are born with a heart defect every day in Australia.

Parenting by the book ... or not


Lakshmi Singh Confused about conflicting advice given in parenting books? Don't feel comfortable following the advice of the so-called 'experts'? It might be best if you come up with your own parenting guide ...