Adele Horin

Adele Horin

Adele Horin is a columnist and reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald who has been a correspondent in New York, Washington and London for the original, hard-copy National Times, and won a Walkley award for a series on Australians’ sex lives before they were so commonly exposed. She is also the recipient of an Australian Human Rights Commission media award.

Childcare fine for babies, finds study

Adele Horin Childcare use in the first year of life has no discernible bad effects, according to a series of Australian studies that track children through to age eight or nine.

Childcare operators caught short by new rule on children under two


Adele Horin Many childcare centres have failed to prepare for the most significant reform to quality childcare in NSW in two decades even though the new standard has been signalled for two years.

Workers win right to breastfeed


Adele Horin Mothers returning to work in NSW public service win right to breastfeed at work or express milk in a private comfortable space.

Working mums don't cuddle their babies less

Adele Horin Babies are not missing out on cuddles if their mothers work - even full-time, according to a study that charts the typical day of Australian infants.

Selfish dummy mummies need consciences pricked

Baby wearing medical mask

Adele Horin Living in a suburb with lots of white, middle-class, educated mothers may be putting your child's health at risk.