Where you're allowed to breastfeed

 Photo: YouTube

Where are you allowed to breastfeed? 

Or let's look at it another way: where aren't you able to breastfeed? 

Both questions are a trick, of course: mums are legally allowed to breastfeed wherever they and their child want to. Yes, everywhere and anywhere.

This quick video shows a variety of spots mums might choose to do it - on a carousel, at work, while shopping, at the lake ... the list goes on.

The video was created by Caryn Canatella as part of the #normalizebreastfeeding campaign.

"What's with society putting so much pressure on women to breastfeed and then promptly pushing them into a bathroom or closet to do so? SERIOUSLY. Breastfeed wherever!" Canaella wrote. 

"I'm sick of being told to cover up or hide somewhere to do the simple act of feeding my baby.

"Bottle or Breast - a healthy, fed baby is best!" 

Feed on, sisters!