Wedding guests told to breastfeed in the ladies room

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Why is it that everyday there's another example of someone shaming a breastfeeding woman? It's 2017 people.

In the latest installment, a woman has shared to the popular Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk a story of her own – a note she received inside a wedding invitation.

The note read:

"To all our mommies who are breastfeeding, we are thinking of you; we are sensitive to the fact you may need to breastfeed during our event, therefore we have a designated an appropriate place for you to feed your baby so that you do not have to do so in public in front of our Family and Friends. For your convenience we are accommodating you with a comfortable and private area with chairs and baby blankets in the ladies room. We request that you use this area when breastfeeding".

The woman, who uploaded the note, and wished to remain anonymous, wrote over the top of the image: "We don't eat in bathrooms. And neither should babies!"

Her accompanying caption expressed her anger at the request.

"This is disgusting, but unfortunately this is not surprising," the woman, who has a two-year-old and a three-month-old, wrote.

"It's never okay to expect or demand that a mom breastfeed in a private area.


"How would you feel if your family and friends knew you breastfed and went out of their way to insist you breastfeed in a bathroom?"

Her husband is the best man at the wedding and there seems to be a history of the wedding couple complaining about the woman breastfeeding in public, but regardless it's still rude.

"I don't eat in the bathroom I'm not feeding my child in there!" she wrote.

And the responses were overwhelming in her favour.

"Why is breastfeeding still seen as such an obscene thing to do in 2017? DON'T LIKE IT. DON'T LOOK. If you don't like it go drink your beer in the bathroom," said one person.

"It's one thing if you have an older infant that you might want to take some quiet time with to nurse once during an event (but it's still your choice) and quite another to make moms with tiny screaming infants feel more raw and vulnerable than they already do by confining them to a bathroom and shaming them," said another.

The woman ended up not taking her children to the wedding, despite the wedding couple insisting she bring them.

But when she saw the designated spot put aside for breastfeeding mums she got even angrier.

"I know the note said bathroom, but I wasn't prepared for it to literally be in front of the stalls!" she told Babble.

And those chairs look so uncomfortable.