'She was livid': co-worker blasts woman for breastfeeding during zoom meeting

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Photo: iStock 

With so many of us working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, often while supervising our kids, the work/life juggle has never been more stressful. But sadly, not everyone is sympathetic.

One chap named Carl took to Reddit to complain about his co-worker breastfeeding her baby during her morning conference call - and it's ignited quite the discussion on social media. 

"These don't require video even if you're talking," Carl tells Reddit of their meetings. "Obviously babies need to be fed but she doesn't mute her mic or turn off video."

Carl goes on to clarify that while they don't see "full boob," the mum "doesn't cover up".

"I asked her in a private message to shut off her video during the zoom call and she was livid," he continues. "I didn't ask publicly, I asked in private. She told me it's rude to talk with no video on and she has the right to feed her baby."

Amen, she does.

The post has attracted over one thousands comments - and most of them agree with Carl.

"It has already been established that video was not necessary for the conference call." one commenter said.

"This isn't about her right to feed her baby at all. She wasn't in a public setting where she had no other options. She took it upon herself to broadcast her breastfeeding to her coworkers all because of her weird belief that it would be otherwise rude to just be talking only. There was no reason for her to expose herself needlessly."


"All women have the right to breastfeed in public if the child is hungry and requires to be fed, but this is not at all the same thing," said another. "We are required to be professional when we are working. If you were at work during a meeting would you start breastfeeding? Of course not, so why would this be different?"

"The mother can't control when her baby is hungry, but she can control whether it's filmed," another hero chimed in. "She needed to make a different decision, even let others on the call know that she has to cut video, but will be listening. Been there and done that."

Thankfully there were voices of reason - albeit fewer.

"One thing a lot of people seem to be forgetting is that there are no conference rooms right now," one person wrote. "There are no nannies, daycares or babysitters. If there is no available adult to watch a baby, mum may have to decide between screaming infant and feeding infant. Some babies don't have predictable schedules so she may have been stuck in a bind. And the meeting may have been too important for her to excuse herself from.

"This seems like such a non-issue. If she had to have her baby in a physical meeting due to an emergency it would absolutely be appropriate to feed the child in the meeting and not have to excuse herself. These times are even weirder; rules are more slack and in general, meetings are a bit more casual, especially when it's online and from home."

While Reddit determined that Carl wasn't the A--hole in this situation, many will be inclined to disagree.

We're all stressed, stretched, anxious and doing our best.  And we don't need the Carls of the world telling us otherwise.