Review: Medela Swing breast pump and Calma feeding device

The Medela Swing breast pump
The Medela Swing breast pump 

As a new mum with some breastfeeding difficulties, I needed to express breastmilk from time to time for my newborn.  So when it came to choosing a breast pump I was looking for something that was gentle, easy to use, and as close to my baby's sucking motion as possible.

After researching a number of products, I decided on the Medela Swing breast pump. I was pleased to learn that Medela breast pumps are endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

The Medela Swing breast pump is very simple to use and comes with the following benefits:  

The Medela Calma teat
The Medela Calma teat 

There's a two-phase suction, just like my baby’s sucking rhythm. The first phase of short movements is designed to stimulate the nipple and get ready for expressing. The second phase has longer, more intensive movements. 
Efficient pumping without pain. The breast shield is very gentle and comfortable, even with sore, cracked nipples. The pump allowed me to control the speed so I could set it to the most comfortable vacuum level.
Good suction. I found it really quick to express milk and managed to express 100mL in under 10 minutes - great for when I return to work!
Quiet and discreet. The Medela Swing isn't too noisy and is very quiet compared to some other breast pumps I've seen. 
Easy to assemble and clean. It’s easy to pull apart for cleaning after each use, and the parts can be handwashed and then sterilised in a pot of boiling water, steam-sterilised, or in the top rack of the dishwasher.
The system is portable. The pump is operated on mains power but also gives the option of using battery power (four AA batteries), so I can take it with me while I’m out and about. It’s small enough to carry in my handbag and includes a belt clip, neck/shoulder strap and travel bag.

As a bonus, the Medela Swing now comes with the Calma feeding device, which allows my son to feed from a breastmilk bottle in a similar way to breastfeeding. Using the Calma, the breastmilk won’t leak from the bottle, and will only flow when he sucks. As soon as the baby pauses, the flow is stopped, in the same way as breastfeeding.

After comparing the Calma with a regular teat on the breastmilk bottle, my baby prefered the Calma device. He didn’t swallow as much air while feeding, making him more settled. The Calma device also made it easier for him to switch from breast to bottle and back to the breast.

The Medela Swing breast pump kit comes with a BPA-free 150mL breastmilk bottle, which is great for storing breastmilk. You can also buy extra bottles in 150mL or 250mL capacity.

At $329.95, the Medela Swing breast pump is slightly more expensive than other brands on the market, but it’s worth the extra expense. I highly recommend it for mums who intend to express breastmilk on a daily basis. It is such a high quality breast pump and you won’t be disappointed.

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