Mum shares video tandem breastfeeding baby and four-year-old

Many viewers applauded the video.
Many viewers applauded the video. Photo: Facebook: @mamasmilknochaser

A mum has shared a video of herself breastfeeding her nine-month-old and four-year-old sons at the same time.

The blogger behind Mama's Milk, No Chaser wrote, "My husband took a video and I wanted to share it because it is so sweet to watch siblings bond as they nurse together. Holding hands, laughing, stroking each other's faces and hair...

"It is a much different experience than you might believe if you weren't acquainted with child-led weaning, breastfeeding beyond infancy, or tandem nursing."

Tandem breastfeeding describes a mother breastfeeding children of different ages, either at the same time, or taking turns throughout the day.

It's possible when a breastfeeding mum falls pregnant and continues to feed her child throughout her pregnancy, and then feeds both children after the baby is born.

Many viewers applauded the video, saying it was, "beautiful and completely natural".

Others criticised the video, saying they thought it was "disgusting" and the blogger was an attention seeker.

She addressed them in her post. "To the group of people who recently called me "disgusting", "barfworthy", "attention whoring", "not special", and a host of other things from behind the safety of their computer screens…This is very normal, but it is also special. You can make me sad but you cannot make me fearful. So I have to follow my heart on this one."