Mum reveals staggering amount of breastmilk stored in her freezer: 'Like a dairy farm'

Do you think this is going a bit overboard?
Do you think this is going a bit overboard? Photo: TikTok | @dylanbousselot

One mum has caused controversy after showing off two freezers full of her frozen breastmilk in a TikTok video.

The video shows her opening the doors to two freezers with breastmilk pouches stacked to the brim as she jokes that it feels like she's "running a dairy farm"

In another video, the mum shows how she gets 11 bottles of breastmilk from one day of pumping and details the process of bagging and freezing them for later use.

Many congratulated her, envious of her ability to produce so much milk.

"PSA to other mamas! Don't you dare compare yourself to this woman. She is awesome, no doubt, but everyone is different and you are amazing!" one commenter reminded the others.

But others insisted she donate the supplies to those in need.

"DONATE! There's a lot of mamas that would give their left tit for it!" insisted one commenter.

"She should definitely donate, (it) saved my preemie baby" said another.


Some advised her to sell, as there are many people who would be willing to buy the "liquid gold."

"Sell the extras, use the money to buy other things for the baby," one suggested.

"Donating is nice but if I spent six hours a day making something, I'd be hoping to make some money out of it," said another.

Others joked about how she should make cheese with the excess supply.

"Turn it into ice-cream, you'll make a fortune," joked another.