Meet the 'extreme breastfeeding' yoga mum

The image of Amy and daughter Naia that went viral.
The image of Amy and daughter Naia that went viral. 

Two years ago, the image of a mother breastfeeding while doing a naked yoga headstand went viral. Now the mother, Amy, has been interviewed by website BabyCenter, and insists that the photo wasn't staged.

"The truth is we were living on a small community in Hawaii where our land was clothing optional and yoga was/is a necessity! I was just doin’ my daily flow when the little sweet pea came to sneak a suckle."

We'll give you a moment to digest that quote.

"Papa had her out in the grass with him and she just couldn’t resist! This happens all the time by the way. When a breast is out and baby is around, they are going to try and get it anyway they can! I have been blogging for years now and this photo was just a simple share of a beautiful captured moment."

As per The Huffington Post, she says she chose the "simple life" in her early 20s, and has been travelling with minimal commitments ever since. She still lives in Hawaii with daughter, Naia, and her partner, but the family will soon move to New Zealand for six months.

You can read more of Amy's musings over at her blog, Daughter of the Sun. Her Instagram feed (sample images below) is also pretty amazing.

Oh, and that image of Amy breastfeeding Naia triggered an 'extreme breastfeeding' photo gallery over at Babycenter. There's a pic of a woman breastfeeding and planking at the same time. Because doing the plank isn't hard enough as it is.

Images from Amy's Instagram feed: