'It's hard not to feel like a lesser mum' - Anna Paquin's heartbreak over breastfeeding

Photo: Jordan Strauss/AP
Photo: Jordan Strauss/AP 

The Piano and True Blood actress Anna Paquin has revealed her heartbreak over an inability to breastfeed her twins.

Paquin, who is mother to Charlie and Poppy with True Blood actor Stephen Moyer, posted on her Instagram as World Breastfeeding Week came to an end.

"Am I the only mother who, for a whole bunch of reasons, was unable to breastfeed who feels really sad/guilty/bad about myself during #worldbreastfeedingweek?" she posted.

"I'm not trying to take anything away from all these amazing mothers," she added.

"I support you, I advocate for your right to breastfeed your child where and when you need.

"It's beautiful and powerful. I'm greatful (sic) to my mum for breastfeeding me. 

"But it's hard not to feel like a 'lesser' mum," Paquin concluded.

Paquin then went on to post "And then I feel guilt/shame for in any way seeing someone else's joy and not just feeling happy for them...


"So today I'm trying to focus on what I'm grateful for. I am deeply grateful my "micro preemies" lived, grew, learned to take feeds their way, eventually came home from the NICU, thrived and have grown into healthy, happy, intelligent humans."

Paquin's comments have garnered support, with one posting: "Anna, it is very difficult to nurse twins. I have been an NICU nurse for 41 years. You are a fabulous mother and no less a mother and a great one. Love and nurturing isn't milk."

Another sympathised with Paquin, saying "As a mother who tried and failed to breastfeed I feel a huge amount of guilt even though he's over a year old now. Silly really but I do agree with feel "lesser" during this week.:

World Breastfeeding Week ran from August 1 to August 7.