How one mum is helping others to honour their breastfeeding journeys

A Queensland mother and jewellery designer has devised a beautiful – and incredibly unique – way to honour women's breastfeeding journeys. Her stunning 'Darling Pearl' is filled with breast milk and a "hush of gold shimmer", allowing women to carry their memories with them.

Anja Letz of Townsville told Essential Baby that after having her four children, she wanted to stay connected and involved with other mums. One thing lead to another, Letz says, and she began experimenting with silversmithing and making jewellery.

"I started seeking creative outlets to express the individual journey I took on my pregnancy," Letz describes. "I met with many like-minded ladies who struggled with breastfeeding and was particularly inspired by their stories."

Anja Letz.
Anja Letz. 

Of the Darling Pearl, Letz says she felt it was the perfect opportunity to give women a way to carry their breastfeeding memories with them.

"I continued to notice the common emotion that nourishing a baby was a real accomplishment for some and that it should be celebrated," she says. "What better way to do this than to embed breast milk in a piece of jewellery?"

To make the Darling Pearl, Letz requires around 30ml of expressed breast milk, which clients can post to her in a zip-lock bag. "It doesn't have to be fresh as it's not for consumption," she points out.

Letz adds that all deliveries are handled with the best care and that she usually stays in contact with her clients during the "making process".


Letz says it takes around 14 days to finish a breast milk pearl as the milk needs to be solidified.

"I use two different techniques, depending what my clients want colour-wise," she explains, adding that having the milk solidified makes it last a long time.

"Your piece will be as individual as your journey," she says.

During October the pearls retail for $30 (plus postage). They usually retail for $45 (plus postage).

You can contact Anja via her Facebook page or Instagram