Dad's 'breastfeeding' hack for baby who won't feed

A dad's "breastfeeding" hack has gone viral.
A dad's "breastfeeding" hack has gone viral. Photo: Shutterstock

A father's genius hack for feeding his baby girl when his wife was at work, has parents around the world taking notes.

"[My] wife was working and my daughter didn't want me because I didn't have breast milk," Anthony Favors wrote on Facebook. "So I tricked her ... cut a hole in my shirt."

Take a look:

Yep - that's a bottle, pushed through a hole in dad's shirt, allowing him to "breastfeed".
According to Mr Favors' wife, Shalanda, the tip worked a treat. "Everybody keeps asking us did this work for my husband?" she wrote on Facebook. "Yes it did".
The hack has since gone viral, shared over 175,000 times and garnering thousands of comments.
"This is the most precious thing ever!! Good job mom and dad!" one commenter wrote.
"You need to patent this idea," added another.
"That hubby is a keeper," wrote one woman. "Good job Dad! Thinking outside the box."