Breastfeeding "slogans"

What are the breastfeeding benefits for Mum?
What are the breastfeeding benefits for Mum? 

We all know of the copious benefits that breastfeeding has for your baby, but what about the benefits to Mum?

“Why don't they have slogans to promote breastfeeding that are about the benefits to mums? Take out the guilt and self righteousness about the benefits to baby and focus on the things it can do for you?” asked EB member witchesforest.

Breastfeeding: I make milk. What's your superpower?

With that call to action, Essential Baby members swiftly came up with a list of hilarious breastfeeding “slogans”. Enjoy! 


Breastfeeding slogans, as brainstormed by EB members

Breastfeeding: Lose weight while you sit in an armchair

Breastfeeding: Because I hate washing up

Breastfeeding: So I could buy myself some new tops

Breastfeeding: Have two hands free to eat cake


Breastfeeding: Go on, eat the whole block.

Breastfeeding: Who can be bothered getting out of bed in winter?

Breastfeeding: More room in the handbag, less junk in the trunk

Breastfeeding: Because oxytocin rocks my world

Breastfeeding: Baby gets a snack, you get a rack!

Breastfeeding: A great excuse to watch Sex in the City at 3am

Breastfeeding: Nature's dummy!

Breastfeeding: Natures drink with superior packaging

Breastfeeding: I make milk. What's your superpower?

Breastfeeding: Better for the bank balance

Breastfeeding: Lunch is on me.

Breastfeeding: It's BPA free.

Breastfeeding: Tested on (little) animals.

Breastfeeding: Like they do on the discovery channel.

Breastfeeding: Ready when you are.

Breastfeeding: More you, less moo

Breastfeeding: 100% environmentally friendly

Breastfeeding: More to spend on shoes

Breastfeeding: Real fast food

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