Breastfeeding mum's fake tan fail leaves baby looking like 'Homer Simpson'

Photo: @Kosefiaak/Twitter
Photo: @Kosefiaak/Twitter 

An English mum has shared the "hilarious" results of a breastfeeding mishap that left her baby's face covered in fake tan.

Keziah Jozefiak had just applied some Bondi Sands when her five-month-old son Rafael woke up wanting a feed.

Forgetting that the tanner would need time to dry, the 20-year-old picked him up without hesitation — only to discover when he emerged that he had a circle of bronzer around his mouth.

"When I looked down at Raf I just burst out laughing. I couldn't believe the tan had left his mouth looking like Homer [Simpson]," Jozefiak told The Sun

"It hadn't actually occurred to me that the tan could transfer onto him."

Jozefiak shared photos of the tanned tot to Twitter after sending them to her mum and girlfriends, who found the situation "hilarious".

The photos quickly went viral, racking up more than 100,000 likes and thousands of retweets — but not everyone saw the funny side, forcing Jozefiak to defend herself online.

"Rafael is fine. It's literally like licking a piece of chocolate off your hand after you tanned, he's not downing my whole bottle of tan," she wrote.

"I appreciate all your concern though."

She also posted a photo showing his cheeks restored to their usual rosy self, after spending an hour wiping the tan off with baby oil. 

"Can confirm he is ok and it hasn't stained his face, don't report me."