Breastfeeding model Mara Martin is the star of New York Fashion Week

Photo: Mara Martin / Instagram
Photo: Mara Martin / Instagram 

Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff is receiving praise from around the world for highlighting working mums in her fashion show at New York Fashion Week over the weekend. 

Model Mara Martin - who is also a women's advocate - took to Instagram to share how the 2019 show contributes to normalising breastfeeding.

Captioning a behind-the-scenes pre-show image of her with 19-month-old daughter Aria, Mara imparted a supportive message to all working mothers.

"Such an incredible experience. To be a part of a show that represented women of different sizes and ethnicities, while celebrating the working woman was such an honour." 

She continued, "Being a mum is the hardest job in the world, and then adding on trying to work as a model among other things I'm trying to do, doesn't make it any easier. Being able to represent ALL working mums out there made this show so special for us. Shout out to all the working mums out there, we see you!


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Mara made a second post on the same day to continue the conversation. 

"Posting twice in one day because it was that MAJOR. When @rebeccaminkoff asked me to be a part of her show as a model and mother while nursing Aria I immediately said yes. She wanted me to represent the working mum for her during part of her show, because that's what I am."

She added, "As women we wear many hats, Rebecca being a prime example of that. She is a mother, wife, designer, business woman, and all around boss. She is the example I am constantly looking up to. So proud to be a small part of your vision. Congratulations on an incredible show and thank you for including us!"


She is pictured breastfeeding Aria in a glamorous setting, with a breast pump nearby on a table.


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Mara went viral in July 2018 for breastfeeding Aria - then five months - on the catwalk of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit show. She strutted the boards in a metallic gold two-piece swimsuit, making headlines globally.

The same groundbreaking show also featured US Paralympian Brenna Huckaby, who hit the catwalk with a prosthetic leg.