'Breastfeeding' dad causes stir online

Chris Allen and his daughter Destiny.
Chris Allen and his daughter Destiny.  Photo: Facebook

One dad's efforts to keep breastfeeding ticking over after his partner Jennifer Capo returned to work has been viewed more than 5 million times.

Florida father-of-three Chris Allen stepped in to assume feeding duties for his youngest child Destiny, taking to the challenge with gusto.

No, the video hasn't burned up the internet because this dad has somehow starting producing milk - he took a much simpler DIY approach.

Allen simply cut a hole in a top and placed the baby's bottle through it, simulating the breastfeeding position.

Thank goodness it's just a fake nipple in view, because the real thing would flout Facebook rules and then no one would get to see it.

"I guess it's like breastfeeding right? Got to love it," he said in the short clip.

The video was posted on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page where it more than 25,000 people commented on it.

Most saw the humour or offered their support, though there was a mild degree of outrage also.

There was no word on whether Destiny had any complaints but the look on her face would indicate the situation was just fine with her.