Another brelfie? Can't you cover up? The breastfeeding rhino under fire

"Why doesn't she use a cover?"
"Why doesn't she use a cover?" Photo: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

"Why is she STILL feeding? Doesn't she know there's no nutritional value in breast milk after 12 months?"

"I'm fine with public breastfeeding, but surely mums can show a bit of modesty and discretion?"

"You're distracting my husband. Why can't you use a cover?"

If you're a breastfeeding mother, chances are you've heard a few of these ridiculous expressions - and countless others. That's exactly why this photo, posted by Cincinnato Zoo & Botanical Garden, of a mama rhino, Seyia, breastfeeding her 14-month-old toddler, Kendi, is a master class in the shaming nursing mothers often face - and a freaking hilarious one at that.

"Kendi will still nurse every now and then when Seyia will allow it," the caption reads.

Now, as a quick aside - after a 15-month gestation period  (yep, you thought nine months was bad), rhinos typically start suckling milk from their mum within a few hours of birth. They breastfeed exclusively for about week or two before moving onto solids (AKA grass). Most rhinos then continue to feed until bub is about 18 months old.

Seyia and Kendi, therefore, are in the later stages of their breastfeeding journey. As you can see from the photo, Seyia, who is feeding while STANDING UP, has a "I'm so done with today, is it wine time?" look on her face. It's probably witching hour, Kendi's likely being whining for hours and she probably hasn't showered in days. WE FEEL YOU SEYIA.

The photo also shows, however, that the fed-up mama had the audacity to feed her son in public, uncovered, in full view of zoo patrons. And commenters on popular Aussie blogger The Milk Meg's Facebook page weren't having it. 

Where's her cover?
"All decent rhinos use zebra covers. What does she think this is, the Savannah? Yeesh!!! Management should re-home her to another zoo immediately!" wrote one commenter.
"A zebra cover? Talk about species appropriation," wrote another. "I know someone who's 1/527052th zebra and I know for a fact she'd be super offended."
Won't somebody think of the husbands?
She's so selfish.
I bet she's a crunchy mama.
Um, where's the sippy cup?
Isn't it time for cow's milk?
Boobs should only be seen on beaches or Victoria's Secret models.
Why can't she time her feeds so she's not feeding in public?
At this rate, she'll still be feeding when the rhino's in primary school.
Do we really need to see another brelfie? That kid is going to be so embarrassed when he's older.
She can't even dress her baby properly.
One mum pointed out that she'd never complain about her baby biting her again given mama rhino has an entire horn to contend with.
According to Cincinnati zoo's Instagram page, baby Kendi is now roughly half the size of his mama, weighing in at around 454 kg.
Yeah, we reckon she's earnt those  golden boobies.

Kendi is now roughly half the size of his Mom, Seyia, give or take a hundred pounds.

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