Ten breastfeeding tips


Meagan Shaw Breastfeeding is a gift for your baby that keeps on giving, so enjoy the time together and seek help if you are having difficulties. There is plenty of support out there for new Mums.



Essential Baby recommends that all new mothers aim to breastfeed their babies.

Fact sheets

Australian Breastfeeding Association


Just as women enrol in antenatal classes during pregnancy to learn about childbirth, mothers-to-be find subscribing to the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) before their baby is born, or attending a breastfeeding education class, a great way to learn about breastfeeding and parenting.

Breastfeeding helpline launched

Breastfeeding helpline launched

ABA 1800 mum 2 mum utilises the real-life experience of over 200 trained volunteer counsellors each week who help other mums with issues including expressing and storing milk, weaning, supply and what to do when baby simply says no.

Twelve months on the breast - normal, natural, healthy

How is extended breastfeeding viewed by society?

Brooke Wells New statistics from the 2008 Infant Nutrition Survey show that while 95% of new mothers initiate breastfeeding, many do not go on to exclusively breastfeed for six months as recommended by the National Health and Research Council and World Health Organisation.

My Child | Australian Breastfeeding Association

Should you keep breastfeeding?


Wondering when is the right time to stop breastfeeding? Here’s why feeding into toddlerhood and beyond can be more beneficial than you may think.

Mum sentenced to 20 years for breastfeeding death

Stephanie Greene

A judge has sentenced a woman to 20 years in prison for killing her daughter with an overdose of morphine delivered through her breast milk.

12 things you need to know about breastfeeding before you give birth


VICTORIA BIRCH While every woman's breastfeeding journey is different, many hurdles are shared. Knowing what to expect will enable you to make informed decisions if - or when - you meet challenges along the way. Here are 12 things to think about before you have have the baby.


Mum with 'insane' pumping skills breaks world record

amelia boomker

Melanie Mahoney She may have had a hard time breastfeeding her own four kids, but Amelia Boomker has helped feed thousands of other people’s babies.

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Breastfeeding mum told off by elderly man in Speedos

jess eva

Patrick Williams A mum who was breastfeeding in public for the first time was reduced to tears after a stranger told her that what she was doing was "disgusting".

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Dad starts 'Project Breastfeeding' to help support mums

dad breastfeedin

In a bid to support breastfeeding women everywhere, a US dad has decided to get more fathers involved in actively supporting breastfeeding.

Mum labelled a 'tramp' for breastfeeding in public

matilda emily

KIRAN CHUG When a mum was photographed and labelled a tramp for breastfeeding her baby in public, she was spurred on to create an event to help all mums.

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Tongue-tie and breastfeeding: one mum's story

breastfeeding baby

Angela Denly Six weeks after my daughter was born, her tongue-tie was released by a specialist dentist with a laser. From the first feed I could feel a difference in the strength of her suck.

Breast is best, but other things matter too

breastfeeding mum

LETITIA ROWLANDS It has long been known that a mother's milk is the best source of nutrition for her baby, but new research suggests other factors have a greater influence a child's long-term health and educational outcomes.

UAE's 'Breastfeeding Law' not as black and white as it first seems


Noni Edwards A pregnant Dubai-based Aussie expat sums up some of the local reaction to the Emirates' controversial new breastfeeding legislation.


When breastfeeding causes despair

Breastfeeding woman

DILVIN YASA Heard of Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex? Neither had Dilvin Yasa – until it brought her to her knees.


Weaning suddenly - or is it a nursing strike?


PINKY MCKAY When you first breastfeed your tiny baby, you may have some idea of how long you intend to breastfeed. However babies of any age can suddenly refuse to breastfeed, leaving you wondering "is that it?".

Women who express breastmilk at work are being denied adequate breaks


ANNA PATTY Women who return to work after giving birth have been forced to express milk in a car park or toilet, while others have leaked milk onto their desk after being denied the opportunity to take a break, a national inquiry has heard.


Breastfeeding mums want to ruin your day

Sparrow folk

Melody McCabe The catchy new Aussie song that pokes fun at people who are outraged by breastfeeding 'exhibitionists'.

Boobie blues: the depression we never talk about


PINKY MCKAY It’s perfectly normal to have feelings of sadness when weaning from breastfeeding. But for some women, those feelings can actually be amplified into post-weaning depression.

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Mums in UAE forced to breastfeed for two years

breastfeeding uae

LETITIA ROWLANDS Mothers in the United Arab Emirates will have to breastfeed their babies until the age of two under new legislation, with a new law stating that breastfeeding is "a duty, not an option, for able mothers".

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Making breastfeeding less difficult


Miranda Buck and Lisa Amir Australian women, generally, want to breastfeed their babies. But there are many barriers, and the factors influencing their decisions on how they will feed their newborn go beyond the physical ability to lactate.

Mum asked to leave Victoria's Secret store to breastfeed son in alley

victoria's secret

Melanie Mahoney For a company that makes billions of dollars a year selling bras, whose ads feature women dressed in nothing but sexy lingerie, you’d think that Victoria’s Secret stores would be breastfeeding-friendly. But one mum learnt that it isn't the case.

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Can Google Glass help women breastfeed?

Sheila Chan

Lucy Battersby and Julia Medew New mothers struggling with breastfeeding may soon have the latest technology at their disposal to get expert help at any time of day.


Breastfeeding mum 'asked to leave' RSL

Yimei Chan

COSIMA MARRINER A first-time mother was allegedly asked to leave the Granville RSL for breastfeeding her son in a lounge at the club.


The model life: Gisele Bundchen shares photo of herself being pampered while breastfeeding

LETITIA ROWLANDS Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has caused a stir by Tweeting a picture of herself sitting back with her eyes closed being fussed over by a hair stylist, a manicurist and a make-up artist while breast-feeding one-year-old daughter Vivian.

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Mother kicked out of court for breastfeeding

Danielle Gendrom

LETITIA ROWLANDS A US courtroom has become the latest place a breastfeeding mother has been asked to leave, despite laws setting out a woman's the right to breastfeed in public.

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Would $300 be enough to make you breastfeed?


Jo Hartley A new scheme hopes to lift low breastfeeding rates in the UK by providing food vouchers for women who breastfeed. But is 'breastfeeding for pay' a good idea?

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Advisory Committee on Infant Formula Marketing scrapped

A coroner has found that it is 'inherently dangerous' to share a bed with an infant.

Staff writers with SMH Massive cuts under the federal government's present public service jobs freeze.


'I'm a transgender dad who breastfeeds'

Trevor Macdonald

Trevor MacDonald Canadian Trevor MacDonald was born a woman. In his early twenties he began the transition into a man, but kept all his female reproductive organs. While remaining secure in his identity as a gay man, he breastfeeds his baby boy. This is his story.

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Breastfeeding mother charged with contempt


A breastfeeding mother in the US has been charged with contempt of court after bringing her child to jury duty with her.

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A cry in the night: breastfeeding after sexual abuse


Patricia Tan This mum knew that the 'breast is best' mantra, but the innocent act of feeding dredged up terrible memories.

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Breastfeeding an adopted child

adopted baby

LINDY ALEXANDER Adopting a child doesn't mean you have to miss out on breastfeeding, but it isn’t always a straight or easy road.

Donor milk a blessing for those in need

donor milk

In World Milksharing Week, a mum shares her story of using donor milk to feed her son.

Why does my baby want to feed all night?

night feed

PINKY MCKAY So often I hear mums say, “My baby wants to breastfeed all evening – I’m worried about my milk supply.”

Chicken liver pate: a great food while breastfeeding

Leek and butter pate.

ARABELLA FORGE It may not be everyone's idea of the perfect foodie gift for a new mother, but Arabella Forge can attest to to soothing powers of pate.

Mums who used IVF less likely to breastfeed


Kate Hagan Mothers who conceive using IVF are less likely to breastfeed, new research has shown.

Meet the 'extreme breastfeeding' yoga mum


SIMONE MITCHELL She's the naked breastfeeding yoga mum who started the 'extreme breastfeeding' photo trend.

Learning to breastfeed ... again

newborn baby

KIRAN CHUG Even though I breastfed my first child for seven months, I feel like I've had to relearn how to do it this time.

Why I'm still breastfeeding my three kids

samantha williams

Staff writers "I know some ­people find our choices strange." So says a mum who’s breastfeeding her three kids, who are now five, three, and seven months old.


Pills, potions and milk supply


PINKY MCKAY It's best to be aware of the potential side effects of both natural and prescription medications designed to increase breast milk supply.


Why World Breastfeeding Week is important

Tara Moss

TARA MOSS World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated around the world from August 1. This year's theme is 'support', and, as Tara Moss writes, it's a fitting focus for modern times.

Breastfeeding mum given free pizza

Jackie Johnson-Smith

Staff writers When Jackie Johnson-Smith breastfed her son at a Des Moines pizza restaurant, she never guessed what would happen next.


The free miracle food

Little baby Magenta.

Nicholas D Kristof, Mali Maybe in our sophistication we’ve overlooked a way to ease childhood malnutrition that is sustainable, scalable and free - and so straightforward that all hungry newborns cry for it.

Why breastfeeding women need to ‘get em out’ in public

Caucasian mother breast feeding baby boy People, Routine, Care, Love, Enjoyment, Innocence, Bed, Trust, Bonding, Togetherness, Connection, Lifestyles, 2-5 Months, Horizontal, Waist Up, Full Length, Indoors, 35-39 Years, Side View, Chest, Caucasian Ethnicity, Bedroom, Lying Down, Watching, Holding, Embracing, Feeding, Breastfeeding, Mother, Son, Family, Family with One Child, USA, Childhood, New Jersey, Sucking, Healthy Lifestyle, Baby, Adult, Mid Adult, 30-39 Years, Color Image, Hungry, Reclining, Domestic Life, Looking Down, Copy Space, Two People, Males, Baby Boys, Women, Mid Adult Women, Photography, Healthy Eating, One Parent, Serene People, Responsibility, Vulnerability, Relaxation, Shirtless, Tranquility, West New York - New Jersey, Single Mother.

PINKY MCKAY If more mums felt comfortable enough to feed in public we could get used to seeing breastfeeding as normal, rather than something that should be done ‘discreetly’, behind wraps and capes and closed doors - even toilet doors in some places.

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'Embarrassed': the breastfeeding poem that's gone viral

hollie mcnish

Staff writers A mum has risen to internet fame after recording an impassioned poem about breastfeeding in public.


Expressing before your baby is born


Pinky McKay In perfect circumstances, colostrum should be every newborn’s first feed. Here's how to express while you're still pregnant to try to make that happen.


The pumping fiasco


Ilana Wiles There's no easy way to say this, but my biggest fear has been realised: a man actually walked in on me using my breast pump at work. It was a young man who probably didn't even know breast pumps existed, and now we are both scarred for life.


Officials hope to ban bottles in Venezuela

baby bottle

Melanie Mahoney Venezuela's Congress will next week discuss legislation that would ban bottle feeding, in an effort to encourage breastfeeding and reduce the use of baby formula in the nation.

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Breastmilk helps fight infection


Staff writers Breastmilk helps fight infections in babies and their mothers, international research led by the University of Western Australia has revealed.


Every breastfeed is a success


PINKY MCKAY However long you breastfeed or how much breast-milk you are able to give your baby, this magic potion made by mums is like medicine.

Does your baby really need night feeds?

breast feeding

PINKY MCKAY There's a lot of conflicting advice about when to stop night time breastfeeds. Pinky McKay explains why extending these nocturnal feeds is a good idea - for both mum and baby.

Cafe chides mother for 'offence to humanity'

Cafe feed

LEESHA MCKENNY A Sydney cafe is facing a breastfeeding backlash after a nursing mother was told to stop, with staff saying breastfeeding in public is ''disgusting'' and ''an offence to humanity''.

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Mayim Bialik: 'My four-year-old is officially weaned'

Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik has written an emotional, honest account of her youngest son self-weaning at the age of four.

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Is another mother's milk okay for baby?


After a decline in the 1980s, mothers are again providing breast milk for other mothers, thanks to the internet and community milk banks. But some experts are concerned about the safety and value of these practices.

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Breastfeeding lowers ovarian cancer risk


RANIA SPOONER Women who breastfeed for two years of their lives are significantly less likely to develop ovarian cancer, according to groundbreaking West Australian public health research.

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Your Breastfeeding Diary

This chart will help you keep track of your baby’s feeds and nappies throughout the day and night so you don't have to remember when the last feed was.


Breastfeeding forum

Visit the breastfeeding forums for mum-to-mum advice.

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Celebrities who love breastfeeding

We share photos of the celebrities who choose to breastfeed, and some of their best breastfeeding quotes.

Is breastfeeding in public okay?

What do you think about that often tricky manoeuvre of breastfeeding in public?

What they don't tell dads about breastfeeding

Richie Young If The Nightly Adventures of Poo, Wee and Tears hasn’t already tipped us over the edge into the realisation that life as we knew it has disappeared forever, the breastfeeding most surely will.

Life with anxiety

At times, I feel pretty worthless. In those moments, all I want to do is curl up into a ball and hide in the dark. I can try to quiet my mind, but it won’t shut up.

IVF leaves woman pregnant with another couple's twins

An Italian woman has been told the twins she is three months pregnant with are not hers.

'My mother-in-law found out our baby's gender behind our backs'

My husband and I mutually decided that we didn’t want to know our baby's sex before the birth, but his mother couldn't handle that.

What you need for the 'fourth trimester'

In my opinion, the first three months after the birth are the most intense. Here's what got me through that time after welcoming my baby.

Weaning a toddler off a dummy: a 15-day plan

Weaning your child off the dummy can be a traumatic experience for both of you. Here are some tips to help you through.

Choosing to be a solo parent

Two women share their stories of longing for a baby so much that they each decided not to wait for a partner before becoming a mum.

Asphyxia link another piece of the SIDS puzzle

An Australian study has uncovered information which could lead to a better understanding of why babies die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Rescue dog Zoey and BFF Jasper star in adorable pics

Photographer, self-professed "crazy dog lady" and mum Grace Chon takes photos of rescue dog Zoey and her 10-month-old son Jasper together. The results are just too cute. See more on Instagram @thegracechon.

The ultimate travel stroller: the Mountain Buggy nano

We tried the Mountain Buggy nano and give it an enthusiastic thumbs up. As the ultimate travel stroller, it's practical, has great features, and looks fab, too.

Mum's heartbreak as son dies in road accident

Daly Thomas and her two young sons were walking home from church on Tuesday afternoon. Her youngest son never made it.

New Kate Spade baby bag designs

Don’t adjust your screen: this bright beauty is coming to you in full colour.

Easter gifts for babies, no chocolate in sight!

If this is your little one’s first Easter you might want to mark the occasion with something a little extra special. Here are 10 Easter gift ideas, which won't harm little teeth.

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Breastfeeding "slogans"

Essential Baby members We all know of the copious benefits that breastfeeding has for your baby, but what about the benefits to Mum?

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Check out the good looking new release of the Vibe 3 and the Verve 4-wheeler inline strollers. To celebrate their release, we have a Vibe with double kit to give away.

Baby sleep

From birth to one year and beyond, read about baby sleep, soothing techniques, routines, and sleep school experiences.

Easter gifts for babies, no chocolate in sight!

If this is your little one’s first Easter you might want to mark the occasion with something a little extra special. Here are 10 Easter gift ideas, which won't harm little teeth.

7 tips for a kid-free trip, not a guilt trip

Although I’m jumping out of my skin to take my child-free holiday, I’m dreading the goodbye. But I’m determined to make the most of it without tarnishing it with guilt or sadness about leaving the kids.

Itchibubs: clothes for babies and toddlers with eczema

Parents of children who suffer from eczema will know only too well the scratching that occurs around the clock. A new clothing range aims to help make everyone more comfortable.

Ear piercing: what age is best?

What is it that shapes our opinions on what’s an 'appropriate' age for our children to get their ears pierced? Parents share their views on how young is too young when it comes to piercing.

Caring for kids helps grandmothers stay mentally alert

Looking after grandchildren can help grandmothers ward off brain disease - but it's also possible to get too much of a good thing, researchers say.

Why I loved my third home water birth

After two water births at home, I was determined to give birth to my son the same way. I just hoped this birth would be quicker than my last two.

Revealed: 7 ways food marketers try to trick consumers

If you’re confused by food labels, you’re not alone. Next time you’re shopping for food, look out for these seven common labelling tricks.

'My mother-in-law found out our baby's gender behind our backs'

My husband and I mutually decided that we didn’t want to know our baby's sex before the birth, but his mother couldn't handle that.

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