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Q&A with Ann Paton from Tresillian

When we recently hosted the EB mums morning tea, we asked Ann from Tresillian to share some of her knowledge and answer some questions our mums may have had on the day and here is what our mums were most concerned about.

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Being Dad: Settling

Tips and tricks for sending baby off to sleep.

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Sleep & Settle winner Fiona Glaskin's baby boy

Sleep & Settle session: a very happy mother and baby

We recently ran a promotion to win a Sleep & Settle session in your home with Mothercraft Nurse Beth Barclay and one of our lucky winners talks to us about the session, what tips she learned and how happy she and bub now are!

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Mothercraft nurse Beth Barclay answers your questions.


When Grandma won't follow your sleep routine

We find it hard to get into a routine as we have our baby minded by his grandmothers 2 days a week who rock him to sleep and leave him napping on their lap? Is this the reason he is not self settling for us?

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Australian babies most sleep-deprived: study

A new study released this week reveals Australian babies are among the most sleep deprived in the western world, with nearly half of Australian babies aged between 12-24 months surviving on less than eight hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.

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Justine Davies

Co-sleeping with baby – and dog?

My husband and I are expecting our first baby in a couple of months. We are going to co-sleep with her for at least the first six months as I believe that is the most natural and best way for her to feel safe and to bond with us. However our beloved family dog also sleeps on our bed. What should we do?

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