Baby Sleep


Research now provides evidence that singing lullabies actually lowers babies’ anxiety, heart rates and perception of pain.

Study: Singing soothes babies’ pain

Most of us probably sing to our babies to soothe them, or to help them sleep. But a new story shows that it's doing other good things for them, too.

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Baby. Sleeping baby. Dummy. 3 months.

The truth about baby sleep

We all want our babies to sleep… because when they sleep so do we. How do you know which method is right for you and your baby?

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Tragic loss ... a coroner has recommended that the NSW Department of Health warn mothers of the dangers of co-sleeping.

Coroner's warning on co-sleeping

A coroner has warned mothers of the dangers of sleeping with their babies after a woman broke down while telling a Sydney inquest how she woke to find her nine-day-old girl dead in her arms.

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Top tips for baby and mum's best night sleep

If there's one thing every new mum wants, it's an extra hour of sleep! If you're feeling deprived of shut-eye, these tips may help to ensure a better night's sleep for you and your baby.

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Sleeping baby

Five baby sleep myths busted

There is so much conflicting advice and ‘rules’ about infant sleep that undermine mothers’ natural intuition and common sense.

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