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The truth about baby sleep

We all want our babies to sleep… because when they sleep so do we. How do you know which method is right for you and your baby?

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Tragic loss ... a coroner has recommended that the NSW Department of Health warn mothers of the dangers of co-sleeping.

Coroner's warning on co-sleeping

A coroner has warned mothers of the dangers of sleeping with their babies after a woman broke down while telling a Sydney inquest how she woke to find her nine-day-old girl dead in her arms.

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Top tips for baby and mum's best night sleep

If there's one thing every new mum wants, it's an extra hour of sleep! If you're feeling deprived of shut-eye, these tips may help to ensure a better night's sleep for you and your baby.

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Sleeping baby

Five baby sleep myths busted

There is so much conflicting advice and ‘rules’ about infant sleep that undermine mothers’ natural intuition and common sense.

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A coroner has found that it is 'inherently dangerous' to share a bed with an infant.

No babies in bed, coroner warns

Parents sleeping in the same bed or even on a sofa with their babies are putting their children's lives at risk, a Victorian coroner has said.

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Nap time ... Your baby needs a lot of sleep to help her grow and develop.

Sleep: the first 12 months

Babies need a huge amount of sleep, and it affects everything from their temperament and behaviour to their growth, so it’s important they get the required amount. But all parents know, sometimes that can be easier said that done ...

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Sids kids

SIDS safe sleeping guidelines

To reduce the incidence of SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents in Australia, SIDS and Kids educates the public in safe sleeping practices for babies. Here are their guidelines.

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Sleeping baby

Your baby's changing sleep habits

As your child gets older, you’ll find their sleep needs change. From their time as a newborn, through to toddlerhood and beyond, children need good sleep to help them develop and stay healthy.

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Sleeping mum with baby

The baby fog: sleep issues

Waking in the middle of the night, although tiring, isn’t the only sleep challenge babies present to their parents. Before babies learn to sleep through the night, the family is likely to face several other sleep issues.

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