When your 'good sleeper' wakes up

Baby sleep regression can sometimes take you by surprise.
Baby sleep regression can sometimes take you by surprise. Photo: Getty Images

I had been warned.

Oh, so your baby is a good sleeper. Good for you, Greer. It'll change.

Those knowing looks of those who have gone before me, those wry smiles and eye rolls. Yeah, I saw them. And yeah, they were right.

Our little guy has always been a pretty good sleeper. He slept through the night from very early on and some nights, on a regular basis, he would go down from 7pm till 6am. It was bliss. 

We constantly spoke of how lucky we were compared to others who were still doing two-hourly wake ups with their bubs. 

Being able to deal with all the strain and struggles that comes with day-to-day parenting was made that much easier with a good night's sleep under my belt and I was very, very thankful for that. 

But as we know, babies are prone to change, and I began to hear whisperings of this thing called the four-month sleep regression.

Advice around this stage in a child's development mention characteristics such as a 'personality change' with the little one and a change in sleep habits.

Well, right on time, the smallest Berry is grappling with his sleep regression which, of course, means I am too.


Gone are those blissful, guaranteed, full night's sleep. Gone are those two-hour long productive midday naps that allowed me to do things around the house or out and about. In its place is a wee one who thinks daylight hours mean awakey all day time, and 2am and 3am are the best times to wake for a cuddle or goo-goo, gah-gah chat.

According to my handy 'Wonder Weeks' app, I've still got more than 25 days of this fourth 'leap'.

"As your baby's leaps become more intense for him, you will find that it becomes more difficult for you as well," it warns.

"... you may sometimes feel as though you've had enough and occasionally, find yourself desperate for him to hurry through these behaviours".

The advice? Breathe and count to 10.

One... two... oh look at that, he's smiling. Cuuuuuuuute.

- Essential Mums