The Pramrolla mimics a walk in the park to help your baby get to sleep

The Pramrolla in action.
The Pramrolla in action. 

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We get it. You'd do absolutely anything for sleep. We've been there, some of us many times over, and in that first year it can seem like you'll never sleep again (you will, we promise!).

Pramrolla claims that you can get some of that sleep time earlier with its ingenious invention. The idea? It mimics all the calm a baby feels when going on a walk in the pram – but it all happens in one spot, with no walking required.

Simply put the pram brake on, set the wheels on top of the Pramrolla, plug it in and off they go ... or so they think.

The soothing, gentle movements produced by the Pramrolla will induce a state of calm in many babies and encourage sleep, all while the pram is safely stationary right in your own home.

We're not suggesting that Pramrolla take the place of walks outside – it's just that it's not always possible to do that. It's why Pramrolla founder and dad of three boys Dean Fanning invented the device in the first place.

"Our experience was that often it wasn't possible to walk the pram around the street. It might be the middle of the night, too hot or wet, or our other children were involved with something that didn't allow us to leave the house."

It's a position many of us know all too well and the Pramrolla gives a little assistance to those experiencing a very unsettled, unhappy baby when it's not possible to go outside.

Watch the short video above to see it in action with a three-wheeled pram - you can see how it works for a four-wheeled pram in the image above.

Pramrolla retails for $149.95 from both the website and from select retailers.