The (nightly) debate had by parents everywhere

At 5.50am he rolled over and said “your turn”.
At 5.50am he rolled over and said “your turn”. Photo: Shutterstock

This story comes with a disclaimer – we don't condone violence of any kind.

However, for exhausted mums everywhere, getting up for babies in the night, this one's for you.

And no, saucepan throwing should not be used as retaliation for sleepless nights, although one mum has asked the forum Mumsnet if she's being unreasonable for dreaming of the possibility. (Not that she dreams much, because she is always awake tending to her child.)

"Our 4 month old DC (darling child) is waking up 4-5 times a night. I am the one that gets up. This week DC woke ON THE HOUR during the night," she wrote.

"I take over on the whole because DH (darling husband) works.

"I also work…

"DH commiserated my getting up hourly with the fact me getting up gave him a disturbed night…but offered to be on night duty last night so I could sleep. So at 3.50am I dealt with the child as he wasn't up. At 5.50am he rolled over and said "your turn".

And this is where the saucepan comes into the equation – she wants to throw one at him*.

It's safe to say the other mums thought she was not being unreasonable to be angry. In fact, she was met with much support.


"Make it a big saucepan," said one mum.

"You might wake the baby if you hit him with a saucepan, quietly smother him with a pillow," said another, tongue firmly in her cheek.

This mum suggested filling the saucepan with something instead: "Yeah, I was thinking cold water. 7 litres would do it".

Another mum kindly offered to help: "I have a stockpot that holds 7 litres if you want to borrow it".

And this mum provided some great advice.

"Could you try saying to your DH rather than you both do one feed each, why not have one person on call say 12-3, then the next day 3-6? Me and my OH (other half) do this and it's honestly saving our sanity as we are getting some description of sleep," said one mum.

And so everyone knows she was just kidding, the over-tired mum updated the group to let everyone know her DH had taken the day off work to look after their child and was really hands on in other ways, like laundry and washing bottles. To make it all better she took herself off for a relaxing reflexology appointment and felt "marvelous" So, all is good in the world.

*No saucepans were thrown in the telling of this story.