The $40 'miracle cure' for colic

"It's really stressful."
"It's really stressful." Photo: Shutterstock

A small, suburban chemist in Perth is being inundated with families wanting it's locally made miracle formula for babies suffering from colic.

Steven Litas of Padbury Pharmacy makes the formula – a mix of relaxants and antacids that help relieve gut symptoms that some believe lead to colic. The recipe for the formula was passed down to him by his dad.

The 100ml made-to-order bottle of formula retails for $40 and parents from all over the place are clambering for it.

The sought after Colic cure.
The sought after Colic cure.  Photo: Padbury Pharmacy

Mr Litas told 9News he's received orders from across Australia and even as far away as London.

"There's nothing magic about it. I think it's more that we care and more we're providing some sort of answer for mums and dads who are desperately looking for something to help their babies," Mr Litas said.

Hundreds of parents arrive each week asking for the special formula and he provides each with a thorough consultation.

"In my opinion, it's not just a matter of giving a bottle of something that's going to fix your baby, it's a matter of going through a whole range of other factors that could be contributing to that to make sure we've got a more holistic approach to how we're treating babies."

He's even used it with his two sons.

"To be able to share stories and connect with people and know how they're feeling, emotionally and physically, it makes things even more gratifying," he said.


And colic is a terribly hard condition to manage with otherwise healthy babies crying for longer than three hours in a block each day or night.

For Perth mum Danielle Gaspar, the formula has provided startling results.

"It's really stressful when your baby's screaming and crying and you can't do anything about it," she told 9News.

"Within days (of taking the treatment) the screaming is just gone.

"There's no more three hour blocks of screaming at night or at the middle of night."

Australian Medical Association Western Australia Vice President Dr Mark Duncan-Smith advised parents to first seek advice from their doctor before using over-the-counter medication.

"Other things can mimic colic and essentially it's anything that's going to cause a baby to cry," he said.

"See your GP first, safety first and then if there's no diagnosis of anything more serious, then other remedies, symptomatic remedies and lotions and potions – can be looked at."