Save your sanity, get more sleep!

Whether you have a 'wakeful' baby, a newborn or are experiencing a phase of bad sleep, there are times when you'd mortgage the house and give away your husband for a block of uninterrupted sleep.

We asked Essential Baby member for their top ten products that helped them get some sleep.

A large number of members said a dummy was a saviour and cut down on rocking & settling time during the night.

Wraps, swaddles & sleeping sacks
"SwaddleMe wrap! it was great for continuing to wrap when my son grew out of my homemade flannel wraps. I prefer this to other wraps because of the velcro."
EB member Purplemum

"We went from short day sleeps of 30 mins on the bed or in my arms to instant two hour sleeps in the Moby Wrap."
EB member **KM**

Two am is not the time to be perfecting your muslin wrapping technique!

"A velcro swaddle wrap - such as the miracle blanket or kiddopotamus swaddle-me. 2am is not the time to be perfecting your muslin wrapping technique! Do that during the day when feeling rested enough so you can still wrap them if necessary after they grow out of everything on the market!"
EB member Beabea

�"Peke Moe sleep sack - to transition from swaddling and this became part of the 'sleep' routine, and when he started walking he would walk to his room and bring it to me when he started getting tired!"
EB member PearlNZ

Hammocks, swings, bouncers
"BabyBjorn bouncer for naps. When my son was a newborn he would startle and the motion would bounce him back to sleep. We also liked the Fisher Price swing as it swings automatically."

"Friends swore by the spring-loaded hammock they had... similar version I found which is new in Australia is the Hushamok hammock/bassinet so I've decided to put it in this month's Editor's Picks page."
Alison (Essential Baby Editor)
White Noise
"Fisher Price aquarium - I would turn it on every sleep time, and he seemed to love it and it sort of helped drown out other noises."
EB member PearlNZ


"A fan in the room - this was great, it created a 'white noise' effect and circulated the air in his small room."

"An old transistor radio to create white noise, although these are harder to find these days!"
EB member Seepi

Sounds of silence
Womb Sounds

Sleepsense programme
Sleeping like a baby by Pinky McKay
Gentle parenting by Pinky McKay
The Happiest Baby on the block, Dr Harvey Karp
"Check out his swaddle technique, my little houdini is yet to escape it and it lasts all night," Blanche.

Read SIDS information sheets on:
Baby Wrapping

SIDS Dos and Don'ts
For more information on safe sleeping techniques head to Sids and Kids website.

A big thanks to all the EB members for sharing their tips. Discuss sleeping (or lack thereof!) with Essential Baby members in our dedicated sleeping forum.