Recall reminder for Medela breast pumps over electric shock fears

Photo: Medela
Photo: Medela  

Have you put your breast pump away until you might need it again for another baby? Parents are being warned to check any breast pumps you might have stored away in the cupboard. 

Popular baby company Medela has published a reminder of their voluntary recall of power adapters on certain Medela pumps, as they may pose risk of an electric shock.

Initially issued in October 2016, the recall is for a detachable wall plug, which is a component part of the AC power supply for some Medela breast pumps including the Medela Swing, Medela Swing Maxi and Medela Freestyle.

"Medela has received isolated reports of the detachable wall plug breaking into two parts, thereby potentially exposing 2 metal terminals," the company said in a statement. "In rare cases, the detachable wall plug could break exposing a live metallic contact and creating a risk of electric shock".

The plug is sold separately but also as an included accessory with breast pumps. The following product numbers are affected: 

  • Swing:030.0040
  • Swing Premium:030.0060
  • Swing Essentials:030.0053
  • Swing Maxi:040.0011
  • Freestyle:042.0014
  • Stand-alone AC Power Adapter:
  • (For Swing Maxi and Freestyle)099.0273

Not all detachable wall plugs are affected. "There are three types, which can be seen in the photo below," explained the statement. "Only the plug on the right is affected and it can be identified because it has no markings on its back. If the detachable wall plug has a white dot or markings on the back of it, then it is not affected and does not need to be returned."


Medela has advised customers that they should stop using the affected adapters immediately. Breastpumps may continue to be used with battery power only.

If you purchased your Medela breast pump after October 2016 or have already had your detachable wall plug replaced, there is no need to take any action. 


Do you have a Medela breast pump stored in the cupboard? Used a Medela breast pump in the past and have it stored away waiting for your next baby? Purchased a Medela breast pump prior to October 2016 and not checked your adapter yet? At Medela, your safety is our highest priority and we are publishing a recall reminder to ensure that you check whether your breast pump power adapter is subject to the recall. This is NOT a new recall but a reminder of the recall we commenced in October 2016. If you purchased a Medela Personal Use breast pump after October 2016, or if you have already had your detachable wall plug replaced by Medela Australia then there is no need for further action. If you have any questions, please visit our website - link is in the bio, or contact us at or call 1800 787 345

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Customers with questions should head to, call Medela Australia on 1800 787 345 or email