Q&A with Ann Paton from Tresillian

When we recently hosted the EB mums morning tea, we asked Ann Patton from Tresillian Family Care Centres to share some of her knowledge and answer some questions our mums had on the day and what our mums were most concerned about.

Many of the Mums were very interested to know how they could access Tresillian help services. While Tresillian Family Care Centres are based in New South Wales, they receive queries from parents all over Australia (and overseas) on their Parent's Help Line and on Tresillian Live Advice, an online service funded by Johnson's Baby.

What sort of parenting problems does Tresillian help with?

Tresillian Family Care Centres representative Ann Paton
Tresillian Family Care Centres representative Ann Paton 

Parents come to Tresillian with all sorts of issues ranging from a baby who won't settle to toddler behaviour, breastfeeding difficulties, anxiety and depression in the early months after birth, weaning baby or a baby who is waking several times a night and not re-settling.  

Are Fathers and Grandparents welcome?

Yes.  As well as single beds and adjoining rooms, we also provide double beds in our residential units to accommodate fathers and we very much involve partners in all our programs.

How do I book myself into Tresillian?

A referral is required from a health professional such as your Child and Family Health Nurse or doctor to attend Tresillian's Residential, Outreach or Day Stay services. If you just need someone to talk things over with, speak to one of our Tresillian Nurses by calling the Tresillian’s Parents Help Line on (02) 9787 0855 or 1800 637 357 or go online to Tresillian Live Advice by visiting www.tresillian.net.

Is Tresillian a private or public Hospital?


Tresillian is classified as a third schedule public hospital.  While all funding comes from NSW Health however we do rely on the generosity of the corporate sector and individual donors to assist us with special projects.

How much does it cost?

Tresillian’s Outreach and Day Stay, Parent's Help Line and Tresillian Live Advice services are free.  Clinical services in our Residential Units for your baby are covered by Medicare or your family's private health fund and parents pay a small fee for accommodation and meals.

Does Tresillian support breastfeeding?

Yes. Tresillian supports the benefits of breastfeeding.  Our Child and Family Health Nurses understand that many mums find breastfeeding challenging in the first three months and our Lactation Consultants are trained to offer you the best advice and guidance.

Does Tresillian believe in ‘Controlled Crying’ as a method of getting baby to sleep?

No.  Tresillian in no way endorses or promotes this style of settling baby.  Instead we use a range of responsive settling techniques  which are described in details on our Tresillian website.

What age-group does Tresillian specialise in?

Our Day Stay, Residential and Outreach services specialise in assisting families with little ones under the ages of 3 however parents with queries regarding older children aged between 3 and five, are welcome to contact our Parent's Help Line or Tresillian Live Advice services for advice.

For more information you can call the Tresillian’s Parents Help Line on (02) 9787 0855 or 1800 637 357 or go online to Tresillian Live Advice by visiting www.tresillian.net.