Piano playing dad soothes son to sleep in moments

This dad's piano lullaby worked wonders on his baby son.
This dad's piano lullaby worked wonders on his baby son. Photo: Facebook

There's nothing more frustrating, or distressing, to a parent than a sick child who can't  - or won't go to sleep. 

According to  British tabloid The Daily Mail  that's not a problem in the Motola household. Dad David has a sure-fire remedy to a sleepless, sick infant - the piano. 

When Motola's 5-month-old son Samuel couldn't sleep due to an ear infection, Motola strapped the youngster in and settled down to try lulling Sam to sleep.

He chose the tried and true classic, Brahms' Lullaby, with his own easy listening twist. 

A baby, a beard, and bedtime. Oh yeah, and here's my YouTube ...

A baby, a beard, and bedtime.

Posted by BeardedPiano - David Motola Music on Sunday, January 31, 2016

Little Samuel didn't stand a chance and as the video shows, he was out like a light in seconds. 

Motola's little grin to the camera when it's obvious the Brahms is working is priceless. 

USA Today says Samuel slept for eight hours - which must sound like bliss to the average parent. 

Motola, from Salt Lake City, Utah, posted a clip of Samuel dropping off to sleep as he played to his facebook page, Bearded Piano.


The footage has gone viral, being viewed more than 33 million times since it was posted on February 1.

Motola also created an MP3 of him playing the song which is available to buy - proceeds going to Samuel's college fund. 

Speaking to Today Parents, Motola said he'd never tried piano lullabies on Samuel before.

"I was thrilled that it worked so well, as was my wife. Happy wife, happy life."