Mum's note warning neighbours ahead of sleep training baby goes viral: 'I regret to inform you'

Picture: Twitter
Picture: Twitter 

A letter from tired parents battling the four month sleep regression has gone viral. 

Delivered to neighbours in their apartment block, the note from 'The Wards' explains that they may hear extra crying for the next few days, as they attempt the controversial 'cry-it-out' method in an attempt to get their baby to self-soothe.

"I regret to inform you we have begun sleep training our son. After many sleepless nights thanks to the dreaded 4-months sleep regression we have decided it is time to start the 'cry-it-out' method," they write.

"If you hear the cries please pray for me and know I am also crying and going insane. I'm very sorry for an inconvenience this may cause you, let's hope that it doesn't last long."

Saying they were planning to start with a three-four day block and give it a week or two break if the baby didn't 'get with the program' they explained they would be monitoring their son throughout the process. 

"Please know I am not neglecting him, but I will let him try to self-sooth for 45-60 minutes at a time, during this period I will be in the room every 5-10 minutes to reassure him he is not alone and is okay," the note continues.

Proving they had a sense of humour about the ordeal, they also offered tequila shots as a conciliation.

"If you start to feel hatred towards us just give a friendly knock on the door and I will bring you a shot of tequila to mend our neighbour-ship," it reads.


"It's cheap tequila but it will calm your nerves, it's been tested and proven to work by yours truly. Any-how keep us in your prayers and turn the TV volume up."

"If you need milk, sugar or eggs we have some. And tequila too, just swing by."

Before signing the note 'your tired and sorry neighbours'.

The note was posted yesterday by Twitter user KittyBeeJr from Charlotte, North Carolina, who captioned it 'neighbours left this on the door..  i'm gonna bake them some cookies'.

It has since gone viral, notching up more than one million likes and close to 85,000 retweets. 

Among the comments were many saying it was a thoughtful gesture to warn neighbours about the additional crying. As well as a heated debate about the merits and pitfalls of sleep training.

However, some - who clearly haven't yet faced tiny human bedtime battles argued it couldn't be that hard to get a child to sleep.

"It's really not that hard parents just suck now. I don't know what the f**k 'sleep training' is. Put ya kid in their own bed and tell them go to sleep with some music/nature sounds playing after warm milk. It ain't hard at all," one said.

Others shared their own stresses over their baby's cries in a communal building.

"I was so paranoid about bothering my neighbours with my newborn that I bugged them while pregnant to figure out what noise control measures I could purchase to not bug them. Your response would've made me cry, this is amazing!," one shared.

Lucky for The Wards, this neighbour was true to her word and delivered them chocolate chip and peppermint cookies, rather than complaints.