Maya Rudolph and Chris Parnell's lullaby for a newborn

Bridesmaids and SNL star Maya Rudolph has just got her own show, and one of the first guests she had on was Chris Parnell (30 Rock, Suburgatory), who sang a lullaby he wrote for his newborn son.

"You're living in our house and all you seem to do is sleep and eat and burp and cry and drool and pee and poo, which would really make me mad if it were anyone but you, but I love you, I love you ..." Parnell sings.

"You lay there doing absolutely nothing, and I'm in awe."

"Close your eyes my child and sleep until the morning light ... That's a joke I know you'll wake me three more times tonight," they croon.  

It's a funny yet very sweet take on new parenthood and the bodily functions, drudgery and overwhelming love that comes with it.

- Essential Mums