Married At First Sight's Zoe Hendrix shares true feelings on motherhood

"You're killing me", Zoe Hendrix pens an honest account of sleep-regression.
"You're killing me", Zoe Hendrix pens an honest account of sleep-regression. Photo: Instagram/Zoe Hendrix

If you've ever had a baby who slept blissfully through the night (or at least in some nice long stretches), you'll know how disappointing it can be when they suddenly just ... stop.

That's precisely what Married At First Sight reality star Zoe Hendrix experienced recently with her gorgeous five-month-old baby, Harper.

In a post to her Instagram account, Ms Hendrix shared a candid photo of herself in the car with her little one, noting, "Motherhood is not a Huggies ad."

"This is me getting some rest whilst Harper is asleep in the car," the exhausted mama captioned the picture, adding that her daughter's sleep regression is "killing" her.

"She has been waking every 2 hours (night and day) and just wants to be held," Ms Hendrix continued, explaining that she hadn't yet showered and was parked outside their house. "And let's not even get started on my hair situation."

"Interestingly, I just came from the post office where a lovely old lady smiled at Harper and asked me how motherhood was going."

And while she'd responded with a cheery "it's great", Ms Hendrix went on to share how she really felt in that moment.

"What I really meant was ... It's been a tough week. Motherhood can be, at times, exhausting. It is constantly worrying about not being good enough, doing enough and not being present enough. It is that moment at 2am that makes you wonder if you can keep going and wondering if anyone else ever reaches that point too?"

Along with the sleep deprivation, Ms Hendrix added that motherhood is "missing your husband and that carefree quality time together, the littering of half drunken cups of coffee all over the house and the constant selfless attentiveness to this little needy, gorgeous human.


"That's motherhood right now," she wrote. "But other than that, yeah it's fantastic!" 

The popular mum-of-one has quickly amassed a dedicated following on Instagram, her raw, unfiltered take on motherhood covering everything from the challenges of breastfeeding and mastitis, to falling into the trap of following runway-ready "Insta mums" and feeling like a  "failure".

After sharing her sleep regression tale, her online village of almost 90,000 followers rallied around the reality star with their own stories and messages of support.

"100% feeling you!" one mum wrote. "Having one of those days today. Haven't showered, a coffee thats somewhere and stone cold. I have a million things to get done. Clingy baby, messy house an 8yo who thinks I hate her and don't want to spend time with her and sanity level is off the Richter scale. Its hard some days."

"Motherhood's a tough gig," shared another. "Sleep deprivation is the WORST, we're struggling with that right now too. The days are long but the years go quick. Its reassuring to know we're not alone. Fingers crossed for more sleep tonight."