'Do I call the parents or an exorcist?': child sleeping on her head frightens babysitter

The handstanding baby caught on the baby monitor.
The handstanding baby caught on the baby monitor.  

Babies can sometimes get themselves into unusual positions while sleeping, but this youngster has the makings of an acrobat.

The little girl's aunt was taken aback when she looked at the baby monitor and saw her niece doing a headstand while she was sleeping in her cot.

Mikaela Long, who is a social media personality in the US, tweeted a photo of her niece's strange sleeping position to her 23,000 followers.

"Do I call the parents or the exorcist?" she asked.

The image was retweeted more than 55,000 times, with many agreeing the little girl's sleeping position was a little frightening.

One woman suggested it was Ghostbusters Mikaela should be calling, while a man suggested the babysitter should run away as fast as she could. Many likened it all to the film Paranormal Activity, in which unusual and spooky events are caught on monitors.

But other, less dramatic, followers suggested it was normal for babies to sleep in unusual positions.


"Little kids are flexible and do stuff like that because they don't know it's not possible yet. Just settle her. She'll be okay," one woman wrote.

The little girl's mother confirmed her daughter had been sleeping in unusual positions for a while now.

"She's been quite acrobatic lately," the mum said in an interview with Buzzfeed.

"It baffles me too. I think it's just her settling down and getting comfortable."

Maybe next time the mum, who did not want her name revealed, will warn babysitters about her daughter's night time gymnastics before she heads out for the night.