Your baby's first shoes, made with your own hands

Made with love: The Aki shoe kit.
Made with love: The Aki shoe kit. 

Imagine, for a moment, someone saying to you, "Your baby’s shoes are magnificent, where’d you get them?" And you being able to reply, "Oh, these? I made them."

Not for one second am I kidding, because First Baby Shoes can turn you into the shoemaker you never knew you could be.

You don’t need a degree in design or textiles, or even any real sewing know-how, as each First Baby Shoes DIY Shoe Making Kit comes with a full set of instructions and everything you need to create a pair of shoes for your bub. You don't even need a sewing machine - you just use a needle and thread (which are included in the kit). 

The Nina boots (left), and a few of the colour combinations in the GiKO range.
The Nina boots (left), and a few of the colour combinations in the GiKO range. 

There are a few designs available: there's the boot-style Nina in a choice of two colours (AU$40), the lace-up Aki in three colour options (AU$43), or the GiKO (AU$22), which you can customise with your choice of leather colour and laces. You can add cute buttons to all the shoes. 

All shoe outers are made of buttery soft, quality cow leather, while the soles are layered with two layers of latex foam, cow and pig leather. 

The shoes currently all come in one size only (12.5cm), which First Baby Shoes says is about the size of a new walker (9-15 months). We suggest you measure your bub’s feet before buying, just to make sure.

The company ships to Australia for a $7.50 postage and handling fee. 

For more information, including how-to videos, skip on over to First Baby Shoes.

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