Top baby finds for twins and multiples

Too cute: LO-VE onesies from Etsy store Twinzzshop.
Too cute: LO-VE onesies from Etsy store Twinzzshop. 

Are you the parent of newborn twins or multiples? First of all, lucky you to have a home filled with so many bundles of snuggly, cuddly baby love. Secondly, this is the post for you! We've found a great range of products just for multiples, from prams to clothes to furniture. 

A twin bedding configuration is a tricky one, with many parents opting for identical bassinets and cots pushed side by side. Though shipping to Australia has to be arranged privately, we love the Scandinavian So-Ro twin cradle in all its walnut coloured glory. The So-Ro twin cradle is priced US$599 from Pish Posh Baby.

Breastfeeding mums will love the helping hand the My Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow gives. It’s priced $129.95 and available locally from Mother’s Direct.

Bottle feeding two hungry babies at once is no easy task, and for that reason alone, the Baby Bumbles Double Cuddle will be loved by all. Each newborn baby can be cradled while being fed; even better, one can remain content while the other has a nappy change. The Double Cuddle is priced $149.95 from Baby Bumbles.

You need a pram that’s up for the task of carrying multiple children, and this round-up of six double prams will guide you in the right direction for picking the perfect one for a growing brood. Shown below: phil+ted’s Dot pram and the Bugaboo Donkey.


Baby wearing isn’t ruled out for parents of twins either – I see parents with their sweet newborn cherubs doubled up in stretchy slings, but I especially love the look of this twin baby carrier. Still in production, the TwinGo double baby carrier means you can carry a babe both front and back. Be sure to sign up for updates if this looks like your cup of tea.

Think Twins have some gorgeous clothes available. While the outfits aren't exactly the same, they're like variations of the same look - seen below in their bacon and eggs, 'I rock'/'I roll', and 'Rock paper scissors' sets. They also sell some lovely jewellery for mums of multiples. 

Etsy is also a treasure trove of twin finds - the Lo-ve twin onesies (at the top of the page) are priced at $53.45 for the pair, from store Twinzzshop.

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