This $12 Kmart pet product will keep your baby cool this summer


We all worry about our babies overheating in the summer months.

It's hard to to soothe them when the temperatures are extreme and they're hot and cranky - particularly without running expensive air con.

Conversely, cooling them too much, too quickly is also problematic.

What if there was a gentle way to cool your baby down that didn't cost the earth? One ingenious mum visited the pet section of her local Kmart and had a pretty fantastic idea. 

Posting the idea to Kmart Mums Australia on Facebook, her photo shows her baby atop a pet cooling mat which is filled with cooling gel.

She writes, "Cooling mat comes in handy for a cranky bub on these hot days (they're in the pet section)."

Photo: Kmart Mums Australia

While this product should be used with caution and should never go in a baby's cot or used for sleep in any way, it's a way of soothing a hot baby during play time, with a comfortable, cooling gel pad.

It could also be taken to the beach or pool for an under-sunshade baby pad, to ensure they don't overheat. We can see another use - for pregnant women to put their feet up on when ankles are swollen in the heat. I wish I had had one of these when I had my February and March babies.

There's a small 60cm x 49 size for $12 and a large 1m x 60cm size (twins anybody?) for $20.

Both can be ordered online, or just head to the pet section at your local Kmart.

This product should not be used in a baby's cot or as a sleep aid. Consult the Red Nose website for safe sleeping guidelines.