The latest Kmart item causing a frenzy among parents

The $49 foldable beach trolley parents are flocking to Kmart for.
The $49 foldable beach trolley parents are flocking to Kmart for. Photo: Kmart/Lynn Cleave/Facebook

Anyone with a large family can relate. The things you need just for one outing to the beach is diabolical.

Enter, the Kmart Foldable Beach Trolley. At $49, parents are saying it's a steal and a sanity-saver, and with another hot Australian summer coming up, people are getting prepared.

The trolley has been in stock before, and sold out quickly. Now parents all over Australia are onto it, snapping up stock well ahead of the summer season.

Some enterprising folk are finding many uses for the trolley here it is being used as a beachside baby bed. It looks comfy and snug, with good airflow, and it keeps siblings from kicking sand onto a sleeping baby.

Other are using it for pet transportation.

The frenzy started when mother-of-four Lynn Cleave posted the picture above on the Kmart Mum's Facebook Page, of her baby son Aiden asleep in the trolley.

"First trip with the Foldable Beach Trolley to the beach! Perfect for a tired baby at nap time. Carried 2 families worth of belongings down to the beach fairly easily."

"Tired and needing his nap, my husband came up with the genius idea to empty the beach cart, pad it with a couple of towels and make a handy little cot for him to lay in while he napped."

Other mums contributed to the thread saying they have taken their camping or use it to put a baby in while they get things done.

The Kmart website says they're all sold out, however the stores are showing some stock.