The high-tech stroller with headlights and a phone charger

The 4moms Moxi.
The 4moms Moxi.  

While we're not surprised that prams are going high-tech in this day and age, the thought of actually being able to charge those annoying smartphone batteries, as well as have the illumination of a car while walking in the evening, makes us giddy with delight.

The only problem is we can't tell you when the 4moms Moxi is coming to Australia. While a US release is promised in the US, there's no word yet on when it will be gracing Australian shores.

We can give you the lowdown on this amazing piece of machinery, however. 

It has both headlight and taillights, as well as a phone charger. We're still in an era where the battery life of our smartphones can't quite keep up with the pace, and we're obsessed with keeping our devices charged, so why not combine exercise and outings with baby with the ability to stay connected.

How does all this happen? Located in the rear wheels are some small generators which run the lights, the phone charger and an LCD screen that comes attached ot the pram. This little screen can track temperature, time, distance walked, speed and battery level.

There's even a 4moms app where you can view your trip history, change the stroller settings, and customise your walk to burn more or less kilojoules.

Pretty amazing!

It has all the usual gear too, such as front and rear three-position seat recline, sun hood, adjustable handlebar, lockable front swivel wheel, and a foot brake you can use while wearing thongs. It also has a dashboard bag for keys and your wallet.

We'll keep you updated when we hear news of an Australian release - but check it out on the 4moms website too.