The cutest Christmas baby onesies

Even my two-year-old now dictates what he wears, and indeed has has proven to be the most outspoken about his sartorial presentation this early in life.

So folks, I'm only going to say this once - if you have a baby, now is the time to dress them in funny things, because they will not be having a bar of it later.

There's nothing cuter than a baby in a Christmas onesie.
There's nothing cuter than a baby in a Christmas onesie. Photo: Supplied

Christmas calls for a very special kind of attire. There are the gorgeous formal-style baby suits and dresses, perfect for when the family first arrives. You will need a few outfits for the big day, however, as baby is bound to posset or get a little puree on the first outfit. 

When it's time for something a little more comfortable, turn to a Christmas onesie and you'll be going "Awwwwww!" over those Christmas photos for years to come.

We've selected a few lovely ones and a few funny ones, and they're all available to order online.

Better get a hurry on with those orders though, so they arrive in time for the 25th.

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