Sick of baby photos in your Facebook feed? There's now a plugin to remove them


Depending on your friendship circles, it can indeed seem like babies (and cats) have taken over Facebook and for some, it's downright irritating.

While Essential Baby readers aren't exactly the target market for this Chrome extension, condom company SKYN has created The Baby Blocker for anyone a little bit over people sharing endless images of their offspring.

If we can do it with contentious politicians, then why not block the bejesus out of annoying little babies, who actually don't care whether you're blocking their sweet faces anyway. No harm done, right?

Well yes, as long as those with breeding besties ensure the proud parents don't look at their Facebook feed too often, only to discover their precious pookies replaced by what the company calls, 'better images'.

Or perhaps you're already a parent but can't bear the frenzy of Facebook posts about famous babies which have just been born. If royal babies aren't your thing, now you can give the whole tedious event a wide berth with The Baby Blocker.

How does this magic work exactly?

A Facebook algorithm inspects the elements of each image uploaded by users in its system and makes basic descriptions for the images, such as 'new baby', 'toddler', or 'baby food'.

The Baby Blocker Chrome Extension searches for these descriptions and other baby-related elements, to determine if the post contains the offending children. When the tiny humans are detected by Baby Blocker, the coding of the post is changed to block the image and replaces it with another.

Jeyan Heper, CEO of LifeStyles, the company which owns Skyn, said about its PR stunt, "On average, parents share 1,500 pictures of their little darlings from the moment they arrive to the age of five, which for some people might be a little bit too much. The Baby Blocker was created for them: a simple and fun way to swap baby photos in your feed for images of other things you might like."

Sick to death of babies on your Facebook feed, or know someone who is? Download The Baby Blocker here.

Now, who's going to create a "I'm-training-for-a-half-marathon" blocker?