Review: Urban Walker Combi

With a newborn and a three-year-old, Marion Turner knew what she wanted in a pram. But would the Combi Urban Walker make the grade?

Is there a perfect stroller out there for me?

Well, everyone’s criteria is different, but for me, living in the inner-west suburbs of Sydney – with it’s haphazard and cracking footpaths, supermarkets and shops with narrow aisles – and the fact that I need to utilise public transport as well as my car, my wish-list was as follows:

  • lightweight
  • compact and slimline
  • one-handed fold
  • decent sized storage basket
  • suits newborn to late toddler
  • good sun protection.
Style, comfort and ease ... The Urban Walker by Combi.
Style, comfort and ease ... The Urban Walker by Combi. 

I’ve been lucky enough to review the Combi Urban Walker in striking orange/grey, and I believe it’s the one that meets all my criteria.

It’s lightweight, coming in at only 6.2kg, so it’s quite manageable when loading in and out of a car boot and carrying it up and down bus steps and train station stairs. (They also have a few other models that are even lighter in their range.)

The slim and lightweight size may be its main appeal to me, but it has lots of great other features, too

Size-wise, this bright, colourful stroller is 49cm wide, 34cm deep and  100cm high when folded.  Width was one of my most important specifications, and to have a stroller that’s only 49cm wide means it can easily cruise down the aisle of the most cramped $2 shop, and can fit in a bus or train with ease. When folded, it fits easily in my medium-sized hatchback (Mazda3) with enough room left over for a full supermarket shop.

The easy-fold system is a true one-handed fold, leaving your other hand free to hold bub, the shopping or your child’s hand. Once the simple “1+2” button fold has been activated, the stroller collapses and stands independently, without rolling away, and is in the locked, folded position.

The handle design is a loop style, instead of the individual handles seen on standard umbrella strollers, which allows it to become a reverse-handle stroller, letting you push bub in face-to-face position. It can make steering a little different to what you’re used to, and you may kick the wheels if you have a long stride or are walking fast, but it is one of the smallest strollers with the option of a reverse handle.

The storage basket is a good size, which is accessible even when the seat is fully reclined. (Don’t you hate it when you’ve been on a walk to get a bottle of milk and bub has fallen asleep in the stroller, and when you get home you don’t want to disturb them to get the milk out and into the fridge …)


It’s also suitable for newborns, reclining to almost flat, but the variable recline toggle means it can be adjusted to any point. I have a 3½-year-old and a baby, so it was important that switching between the two – toddler in the upright position and baby in the full layback – is easy.

The sunshade is a 95% UV rated fabric with two viewing/ventilation windows with various configurations, but at full stretch, the coverage reaches all the way to the front bar – fantastic in the Australian climate.

The Urban Walker is easy to push and manoeuvre – even though it sounds a bit rickety along bumpy paths, the suspension wheels take most of the bumps, leaving my bub lulled to sleep.

My only gripe is that the shoulder straps can slip off the clip part when not yet clipped in, meaning that when my newborn gets to “fighting to be put in the stroller” stage, it will be just a little trickier to wrangle him in and have the straps correctly secured. But perhaps he’ll never fight it? (I can but dream!)

But that was just one tiny nitpick among a list of love-it features, as I found this to be a great little stroller that suits my needs. The slim and lightweight size may be its main appeal to me, but it’s also super easy to manoeuvre, has a five-point harness, rear wheel brakes, front wheel swivel locks and a tether strap. Its rider comfort with seat padding, newborn head cushion, soft washable fabric, and front wheel suspension make this stroller a fantastic option.

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