Review: Steelcraft Agile stroller

I recently spent a lot of money on a pram which turned out to be a rather complicated contraption to assemble. When asked to review the new Steelcraft Agile Stroller – I must admit I was extremely curious and couldn’t wait to try it out.

As my husband is not a fan of the pram I bought, he was the first to try out the new stroller. He gave it rave reviews! His needs were simple:

1.       It needed to fold away quickly and easily

2.       It needed to have good storage

3.       It needed to be light and easy to turn

It’s time to challenge the notion that a family car means big and grunty.

4.       It needed to have really comfortable features for the baby

5.       And – as he was the one putting it together out of the box – it needed to be pain-free

The new stroller was all of the above and more. The proof is in the pudding – we took our baby on a ferry on the harbour for its debut voyage and he loved it.

Ease of use


The stroller easily opens as you unfold, it simply clicks into place and folding away is a one-click button. You simply press the red button and lift the handle and it collapses in seconds.

Another feature we both liked was the one touch brake; just click down and the brakes are on and click again to release.

The stroller is light and has a great turning circle and a feature that my son loved was the peek-a-boo window at the top of stroller.

Storage & accessories

  • There is a basket at the bottom of the stroller;
  • A large pocket at the back of the stroller;
  • Sun/wind and rain jacket; and
  • Grip handle


One thing I really liked about the stroller is the room my son had to move. The seat was padded and the straps had extra padded sleeves for added comfort. The head rest was ample padding and when he laid down for his nap, he had lots of space to spread out. Another thing we loved was the flexibility with the seat – you can recline the seat back in any angle you like with one hand squeezing the button.

In a nutshell

We both highly recommend the Steelcraft Agile Stroller, it looks stylish (important for me), easy to use, open and put away, it’s light and most importantly, it’s really comfortable for baby.

The Steelcraft Stroller comes with infant carrier adaptors; the infant carrier can be purchased separately.

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