Review: Mountain Buggy Swift

For my first two boys (now toddlers) I used the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle. In fact, I became a total advocate for Mountain Buggy, urging all my friends to buy one when the time came. The Urban Jungle endured many a long walk on Sydney’s northern beaches and it never let me down. Sturdy, reliable, easy.

With baby number 3 on the way, I realised we needed another pram. Cars have changed, and our beloved Urban Jungle doesn’t fit into my new boot. I have trialed a few strollers in the past and have found them really lacking – weak and not up to the activities we need our prams for  - beaches and tough walks.

Enter the Mountain Buggy Swift. I’d looked at the Swift a few years ago as I liked the size but decided against it due to its fixed front wheel. Knowing friends warned me against a fixed wheel and they would’ve been right. Mountain Buggy recognised this, have fixed the Swift with a swivel wheel and I’ve been lucky enough to trial one with my new baby.

Swift Mountain Buggy
Swift Mountain Buggy 

I’m impressed. Beneath the Swift's compact, light and narrower exterior is the tough engineering and functional style of the Urban Jungle. While it looks little, the seat is comfortable and provides enough room for a growing baby. There is a non-adjustable footrest, a multi-position strap reclines and it comes standard with a padded front bumper bar. The safety harness is very secure - it features a safety lock with two red buttons that need to be pressed in simultaneously while unbuckling the harness so it means it really is escape proof for even the trickiest toddler.

Even my husband has become a fan. We’ve been able to move over many rough and varied surfaces such as light sanded areas and rocky roads on our walks and it’s really has got that toughness I’ve come to expect with Mountain Buggy. Equally important, it easily moves around tight spaces such as shop aisles and I love that it’s so nimble to fold away.

Going on lots of walks, I’m a bit of a sun protection nazi. The hood in standard mode offers reasonable coverage, but when you flick out the sun visor the sun coverage range is excellent. I’d still recommend a sun cover on smaller babies who are using the seat reclined (I use a wrap but Mountain Buggy do a Swift specific sun cover).

this is a terrific pram to buy for those mums wanting a pram that is tough and can take lots of walks

In summary – this is a terrific pram to buy for those mums wanting a pram that is tough and can take lots of walks. Don’t let the size fool you. While the Swift might be the smallest of the Mountain Buggy range it is amazingly agile on all terrain surfaces; it handles even the toughest surfaces without missing a beat. And it folds away easily!

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