Redsbaby Jive Tandem: a single to double pram that folds with seat attached

The Redsbaby Jive Tandem.
The Redsbaby Jive Tandem. 

​A pram is a large purchase, and you only want to buy once.

And a pram suitable for two means extra value for money - there's no need to trade up to a double when you have your second baby.

The new Redsbaby Jive Tandem offers just that: the ability to convert, with a much lower price tag than some of the other brands.

As a single, complete pram for $799, the Jive will transport a child up to 20kg. And the feature that really sets the Jive apart is that it's one of the only prams with a reversible and reclinable seat that folds while attached to the the chassis in single mode.

That's right, you don't have to remove the seat before folding it. Rejoice-worthy, right? Parents with dodgy backs will be loving it.

Another boon is that Redsbaby prams are designed right here in Australia, and is a young brand taking on the competitive baby transport market since 2013.

The Jive comes complete with a bassinet and a full range of accessories (raincover, contoured seat liner, fleecy pouch, pram organiser, wheel pump, UPF50+ sun shade); the second seat can be purchased separately for $299.

For a full list of features and specifications, be sure to head over to the Redsbaby website where you can also purchase or pre-order the colour of your choice.

Here's a Redsbaby video so you can see the pram in action.