Not your average toy: the birthing doll

MamAmor has created an original range of handcrafted dolls that show various birth scenarios, from vaginal to c-section, and can even be used to illustrate a VBAC.

The details on each doll are accurate in a delightfully crafty way – expect an umbilical cord, a placenta and a clever way to show breastfeeding (with some strategically placed press studs).


Something different ... Dolls that show vaginal and caesarean births.
Something different ... Dolls that show vaginal and caesarean births. 

It’s a nice touch that mother and baby have matching hair ... even if that hair is an unlikely shade of hot pink!

All the accessories a new mother doll needs are also available, including a nappy bag, a baby sling, special nursing clothes, and even tiny teething necklaces.

If that’s not enough, MamAmor custom make dolls so expecting mums can have a doll that's their perfect match (which is helpful for explaining to your toddler what lies ahead).

The fact that each of the dolls is unique really appeals – just like every person’s birth experience is different, so are each of these exquisitely made dolls.

Dolls are priced from around AU$180; MamAmor ship internationally. 



UPDATE: Since posting about these dolls on our Facebook page, we've been inundated by comments - both for and against the dolls. On the 'against' side, comments ranged from "that's a little too confronting" to "I do not believe that children need to be exposed to the mechanics of the process of childbirth; there's nothing wrong with a cute story about a stork, and I don't believe that these dolls are appropriate toys". On the other side, parents argued that the dolls "are natural, and a fun way to teach kids about birth", and that "having one of these dolls and being open and honest about answering their questions will lessen the blow a lot more then finding out where a baby comes from when they are in the labour ward."

What do you think? Add your comment below. 

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