Mum's simple baby bottle storage hack goes viral

If you're tired of the usual bulky, ineffective methods of storing your baby's bottles then help is at hand. It may not be the most 'designer' of solutions, but it's surely the most practical and budget-friendly. 

Texan mum Brooke McDaniel came up with the idea to beat all baby bottle storage ideas when she posted pictures of her $12 shower caddy storage unit that now hangs in her pantry.

With more than 98,000 shares and 15,000 comments, it looks like parents everywhere are inspired by this simple, cheap and very effective idea.

Brooke McDaniel/Facebook
Brooke McDaniel/Facebook 

"Best 'bottle holder' I could ever have. All my bottles in one place on my wall, space I wasn't utilising, instead of having a cabinet with bottles overflowing from it," she posted.

She's got a great point - freeing up that cupboard full of bottles and using wall space is smart.

Having had two kids in quick succession, she states that she needs that many bottles ands that the exposed teats are not a problem.

Take a look at our gallery of bottle storage ideas above. If the shower caddy one doesn't take your fancy, then maybe one of the other ideas will.