Mums honouring their babies with umbilical stump jewellery

Photo: ruthavra/Instagram
Photo: ruthavra/Instagram 

Modern mums have come a long way from simply getting plaster casts of their babies' feet and hands.

Along with consuming placenta capsules and 3D models of still-in-utero foetuses, there's now a way of wearing your baby's umbilical stump.

Mums are sending off umbilical stumps to be transformed into jewellery, as a memento of the profound process of pregnancy and as an ode to the rather remarkable umbilical cord.

It's the very thing that allows a baby to be nourished and sustained in the womb by the mother and despite its function being beautiful, aesthetically it probably isn't the most beautiful thing to look at. After birth, the cord is severed and the baby is left with a stump, which falls off in one to three weeks.

Jewellers have found a way to incorporate this symbolic temporary body part into jewellery that is both beautiful and exceptionally meaningful to the wearer.

Rings, necklaces and charms for Pandora charm bracelets are all popular options.

There are even cufflinks.


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Some also combine breast milk and umbilical stump designs.


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Ruth Avra told the New York Post that she began making the jewellery in 2012, after she gave birth to a son just days after her best friend had a baby boy. Using a process called lost wax casting, she created two necklaces from the uniquely-shaped stumps.

She now runs a small business called A la Avra and sells her creations for US$195.

She said, "It represents the connection between mother and child because it's literally the physical connection that is between you."