How a nappy helped one dad eat lunch

No napkin? No problem!
No napkin? No problem! Photo: Getty Images

Parenting is gross – no doubt about it. There are so many bodily expulsions to deal with. So it's no surprise that the line between parenting genius and parenting hideousness is a super-fine one.

One dad who used a nappy to stop his burrito leaking all over the place recently shared it online, calling it a parenting "hack", but I don't know. Eating out of a nappy? Ummmm…

Sure, it was (hopefully) clean. Sure, there is nothing wrong with it on paper. But eating out of a nappy is just so upsetting on a visceral level.

Joe Fain tweeted a picture of his – er – genius manoeuvre as he tucked into his meal with the caption, "My breakfast burrito is leaking and I don't have any napkins in the car. #dadhacks"

And while some of us might be bothered by the fact that he's eating out of something that is meant to catch poo, the Twitterverse was overwhelmingly congratulatory.

"Gotta do what ya gotta do," said one, with a thumbs up emoji.

"Being resourceful is a highly sought after attribute for elected officials. This is commendable," remarked another, prompting me to research and find out Joe Fain is a Washington State Senator. Of course he is.

"I have no idea about you or what you stand for, but I'd vote for you if geographically feasible," said another, illustrating in one short sentence everything that is wrong in US politics right now.

I spent some time trying to figure out what a mum would do in the same situation when I realised: a mum would never not have napkins in the car. She'd have wet wipes, dry wipes, and probably a bunny rug or two in the boot.