Five adorable and perfectly practical Christmas gifts for babies

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It's the honest truth that babies don't need or want for much, but if you're a doting auntie or grandparent, that's never going to cut it.

Here's five failsafe items for babies, and you might want to think about throwing in something special for their primary carer while you're at it.

Chocolate never goes astray!

If you're the parent searching for that perfect gift to suggest to others, email them the link and be sure to include your baby's size where needed.

1. Books


Photos: Kmart

You absolutely cannot go wrong with a book. There are countless titles to choose from, starting with cloth and board books for really little ones, right through to keepsake classic novels they can treasure later. 

Seriously, go the book! The above suggestions are all from Kmart, available in store or online - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ($6), Goodnight Miffy book and artwork ($13), Koala: A Book of Counting ($6), Grug Book and toy box set ($15).

2. Onesie a few sizes bigger


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Unless there are older kids in the picture for hand-me-downs, a onesie is a sure thing for future winter pyjamas. If they're currently a 000, buy a size 0.


Bonds always keeps the gorgeous designs coming in the Zip Wondersuit - prices start at $15 on sale up to $29.95 for the Disney versions.

3. Manhattan Toy Skwish


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These toys have become a modern classic. Designed by a NASA engineer, it's great for baby's fine and gross motor skill development, and makes a nice heirloom toy to put away for the future. It also doubles as a rattle.

$29.99 from Hello Charlie.

4. Baby blanket

Pure Baby

Photo: Pure Baby

A baby blanket is a must and can be used for a variety of purposes throughout summer and winter.

Above is the Pure Baby Koala blanket ($99.95) and below, the Organic Cotton Knitted Blanket ($24) from Target.


Photo: Target

 We also love the adorable blankets from Good Bubs - with 50 per cent of profits going to help babies in need in Australia and around the world. Win, win! 

5. A big box of nappies or baby bath essentials

Perhaps you're the kind of person who prefers to give practical gifts, or maybe you're buying for the baby who already has every single thing a baby could ever want or need.

One thing's for sure, they'll be needing nappies for quite some time, and if they're an older baby, they'll get just as much fun from unwrapping a big box then playing with the wrapping than they will anything else. Plus the parents will absolutely love you.

If nappies are just too mundane, Thank You also has a lovely range of baby bath and body essentials available from supermarkets.


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