Dad toys around to get perfect baby photo

Dave Canavan and his son Lennon trying out the Baby Focus.
Dave Canavan and his son Lennon trying out the Baby Focus. Photo: Kickstarter

It might be a simple idea, but it's one Dave Canavan is adamant will work.

The Sydney dad says all parents can capture their baby's attention, and the perfect photo, with the help of Baby Focus - and he is now seeking backing for his Kickstarter campaign in order to manufacture the device.

The Baby Focus consists of a small rattle which attaches to a phone, creating noise and colour which babies will find impossible to ignore. 

The Baby Focus attaches to the back of the phone.
The Baby Focus attaches to the back of the phone.  Photo: Kickstarter

As the baby's attention is focused on the rattle, parents are able to snap a photograph which gives the impression the child is looking straight down the the lens of a camera.

"My wife and I have taken more photographs of our son Lennon than we both care to count. We would often have 20 or 30 variations of the same image taking up memory on my camera reel, trying in vain to get that great shot. We did get a cracker, but he still wasn't looking at the camera and that's what we wanted," he wrote on Kickstarter. 

"I noticed that there were certain things that got Lennon's attention, and one of them that never failed was a rattling toy. The sound made him turn his head from any distraction ... So I figured, why not add a rattle to a phone. The Baby Focus concept was born."

The idea for the Baby Focus came to Mr Canavan last October while he was trying to get good photographs of then 10-month-old Leon. He spent months undertaking a design process and collaborating with manufacturers.

There are now two prototypes of the Baby Focus in existence, and Mr Canavan is testing his invention out with as many children as possible.


"The Baby Focus allows you to take photographs of your child whilst having them look at the camera," he wrote. 

"The device is easy to attach to your phone when you want that great picture, and is equally easy to remove and put in your pram, bag, car or wherever you think it would be most handy.

"The rattle sound grabs the child's attention, and then the spinning, colourful rattle maintains the attention giving you the time to snap a great picture of your little one."

Mr Canavan and wife Amanda are now expecting their second child, a girl, so the couple has even more incentive to get the Baby Focus idea off the ground.

Almost 120 backers have pledged more than $13,000 since Mr Canavan launched the Baby Focus Kickstarter campaign late last month.

He says he needs at least $60,000 in pledges to get the device into production. 

If the campaign is successful, those who donate $20 or more will recieve the Baby Focus around December 2015. 

Mr Canavan says the Baby Focus works best for babies aged up to 18 months of age.

However there's no need to throw the device out once your children grow up - Mr Canavan promises the attention grabbing powers of the Baby Focus can also be used to help take great photos of your pets too.