Best gifts for newborns, new mums and christenings

Some great gift ideas for babies.
Some great gift ideas for babies. Photo:

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With so many gifts available on the market for new mums and their babies, it can be hard to know what is the best, most useful and which will be the most appreciated. 

So, in order to lend a helping hand, we've compiled a guide for some of the most popular presents to gift both mum and bub. Based on best sellers and input from mothers who have revealed what they liked the most, we aim to save you scratching your head in confusion and ensure you choose the right gift every time.

Gifts for the newborn

Anything practical for the newborn is bound to be a winner – after all, it will definitely get used, save Mum and Dad money, and unlikely be something that the baby grows out of for quite some time. 

Think along the lines of bottles, dummies, sterilisers, wash clothes, wipes and nappies, and you probably can't go too far wrong.

It's also a good idea to think outside of the initial baby bubble and consider what might be practical and appreciated as a gift for the baby as he grows.  For this you could look at teething rings, rattles, stacking cups, picture books, outfits that are larger in size than newborn and even sleep aids.

"Ewan the Dream Sheep was literally a dream present for our daughter," says Donna. "It's marketed as a sleep aid and it certainly worked. Two years on she is still obsessed."

For a more personal gift, an inscribed picture frame, a baby book or a soft cuddly toy are great options. Special blankets are also a nice option, particularly considering these often become the first comforter that a baby becomes attached to.  


"We received a beautiful cashmere basinette blanket which we used with all three of our babies," says Edwina. "It was a very generous and much appreciated gift, and the kids still love to snuggle it even today."

Megan echoes this, saying, "One of my best baby gifts was a blanket that my best friend bought, which was embroidered with my baby's weight, date and time of birth."

Gifts for mum

As with baby, gifting the new mum something that's practical can be more appreciated than your standard box of chocolates, champagne or bunch of flowers – although those certainly still have their place too!

But imagine the joy on a new mum's face when you tell her that for the next week or two she is receiving home cooked meals delivered straight to her door, a cleaner has been organised to maintain her house, and that she is booked in for a spa and facial while you babysit.

"One of the best gifts given to me was from my mum who paid for a nappy wash service for the first month," says Megan.

If you still want to get something more personal however, there are plenty of gifts to choose from, including nappy bags, jewellery, a photo frame, a box set of her favourite TV show, a book (that has nothing to do with parenting or babies!), or a hamper of her favourite treats.

"One of my friends turned up on my doorstep with champagne, sushi and soft cheese," says Heidi.  "All of the things I wasn't allowed to have while pregnant - it was perfect."

It's also a nice idea to consider something for mum that can assist her with the transition to motherhood and bonding with her new baby, such as vouchers to learn baby massage or to attend baby yoga lessons.

And, for the ever-generous of course, there's always a break away for mum - even if it does mean baby is in tow, as was the case for new mum, Leisa.  

"A holiday to Noosa was one of the best gifts I received," she says. "I was still in the new mum fog, but, somehow, no sleep was better and easier by the beach!"

Gifts for a christening/naming day

When picking the perfect christening or naming day gift there are, once again, a number of choices.  However, on this occasion, the most popular gifts tend to be those of a more traditional nature, such as keepsakes or gifts that hold a personal or sentimental meaning.

"One of the best presents we received at my son's christening was a kit where we could make a cast impression of his hands and set it in a plate," says Chelsea.

Gifts such as inscribed bracelets, photo frames, money boxes and a special set of nursery crockery, such as the Royal Doulton Bunnykins set, are also amongst the most commonly gifted.

It's also nice to consider a good quality wooden toy, puzzle or book for the child to enjoy in the here and now, as well as for years to come.

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