10 mums reveal their favourite pram

Mums share their favourite prams and strollers.
Mums share their favourite prams and strollers. 

Parents often own a number of prams across their parenting lives. There's the first one, most likely built like a tank, then the more compact one that comes after. Then a second child is born and a double may be needed, or one that accommodates a skateboard.

For many a pram is a tiny home on wheels, not only providing a comfy safe haven for their child, but also necessary for carrying food, blankets, toys, dummies, scooters, helmets and the kitchen sink. Well not really the sink, but it can certainly feel like it sometimes.

We asked mums what their favourite pram is - it might be handy knowledge for those of you deciding on a pram for the very first time and feeling a little overwhelmed by the selection. 

Redsbaby Metro, from $649.

Redsbaby Metro

Karen says: We have had this pram for 15 months and it has been fantastic! We love that it is lightweight and can easily be manouevred with one hand, even on uneven surfaces. Folding and unfolding is a breeze, it has a huge basket that can fit a nappy bag and groceries and best of all it was stylish yet affordable. www.redsbaby.com.au

Bugaboo Cameleon, from $1619

Bugaboo Cameleon

Laura says: The Bugaboo Cameleon with a skateboard attachment has served us through two children for over 5.5 years and still looked fantastic and performed brilliantly - not one issue in all that time. www.bugaboo.com

Babyzen Yoyo, $699.90

Babyzen Yoyo

Rachel says: This is the most compact, light and easy stroller to use. We live in a unit in the inner city and travel a lot so we needed one pram to suit our lifestyle. We used the newborn nest ($299.95) to start with. She absolutely loves it and so do we. Our Yoyo has been all over the world with us! www.babyzen.com


Bumbleride Indie, $759.95

Bummbleride Indie

Heidi says: I love my Bumbleride. I was so impressed with it, I imported it from the US without even test driving it! They are now selling in Australia. Major selling point for me was the bamboo/recycled fabrics and the massive sun shade. Is so easy to steer, can go on sand and off road and Mr 3.5 still loves to go in it for long walks. Oh and the large storage underneath is awesome for those shopping runs. www.bumbleride.com

Stokke Xplory, $1699

Stokke Xplory

Amber says: I LOVED my Stokke Xplory. Yes it was heavy and a pain to put in the boot, but there were so many great things about it. Mostly the height and ability to have my daughter closer to my eye level made for extra bonding opportunities, plus it was super easy to pull it up to a table and use it like a highchair. Loved the suspension and sturdy wheels, one handed steering, easy swivel from front to back facing. Plus it turned heads wherever we went as you don't see many in Australia. www.exquira.com.au

Phil & Teds Sport, $699 and doubles kit, $159

Phil & Teds Sport

Panayiota says: The best pram I ever had (and I went through a lot of prams) was the 3 wheel Phil and Teds Jogger. As a twin+1 mum, I needed three kids to fit into the pram. This pram had one child sitting at the front, one at the bottom in its own seat and one on a little skateboard thing. It folded nicely and was compact in the boot of my car. www.toysrus.com.au

Bugaboo Bee, from $1079

Bugaboo Bee

Angie says: I loved it! Had it through two kids and never had a problem with it. It was compact and did everything we needed it to do, and of course it was a pleasure to look at. My husband liked it just as much as I did, and we were in complete agreement on which pram we would buy when we first started researching. If I did it all over again we'd still choose the same pram. www.bugaboo.com

Mountain Buggy Mini, $449

Mountain Buggy Mini

Aiko says: My Mountain Buggy Mini has been amazing. We have taken it overseas and found it easy enough to check in and then we had a great trekking pram in other countries, unlike an umbrella strollers which are only good for pavements. We are now using it for our third child and it's still going strong. www.mountainbuggy.com

Joolz Day2, $1869

Joolz Day2

Laura says: We splurged on a Joolz Day and we have not regretted it once. The big wheels make pushing it a breeze on bumpy footpaths, grass or almost anywhere else, even one-handed, and my tall husband loves the adjustable, extendable  handle. I love that the seat is positioned high up - no bending over too low when popping bub in and out, especially when I was  recovering from a c-section. Plus the high seat means she can join us at the table when we're out for meals without having to sit in a high chair 
Stockists: www.my-joolz.com.au

Mountain Buggy Nano, $399

Mountain Buggy Nano

Marion says: We used the small and lightweight Nano for our second son from about one year old until he was 2.5 years old. For a small pram, the basket was pretty spacious. On holidays, we loved that we could take this stroller all the way to the boarding gate, and in a few flips it was small enough for carry-on luggage. www.mountainbuggy.com